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Dmoney Uk Login And Registration Joining New Member

If you are a member of Dmoney and want to register or joining new member then you should follow this steps. In this article we are going to tell you how can you register new account in Dmoney.

We can conclude that you already aware of plan and how can you earn money with Dmoney plan. If you don’t know yet then contact your senior to know the plan in detail. Here we gave full guide details and video also for better understanding.

How to join new member under you in Dmoney?

  1. Go to google
  2. Search “”
  3. Click on the first page “Dmoney:Home
  4. (Close pop up window) Click on menu
  5. Click on on register

Now registration window will opened on your device. Fill up the form there.

  • Referral ID: Your ID (Sponsor member ID)
  • Sponsor Name: No need to write (Automatically Fetched)
  • Enter Username: Name of new joining member (Without space between letters: ex. rakesh123, akshaypawar)
  • Your Name: Proper name of new joining member (Ex. Rakesh Dhone, Akshay Pawar)
  • Your Email: Email of new member
  • Mobile Number: Mobile number of new member
  • Password: Whatever you want (Should be Minimum 6 letters or digits )
  • Confirm Password: Write same password as you wrote in Password

After joining of new member a joining window will appear on device. You can see new member’s username and password there. Besides login credentials will be sent to new member’s mobile phone.

Now you are able to login to your new account. But remember your account is not yet active. It will be inactive till you make it active with 1000/- membership. You can contact to your senior person in order to activate your account.

You can still able to login and can watch all menus in your login panel, but you only start to receiving money once you activate your account. After activation you will start to receiving 20/- per day and if you join new member then you can get 2/- per person at first level. At second level this amount will be double to 4/- per person, at third level it will be 6/- per person and so on till 7th level.

If you have joined 5 person at first level then you will start to receive extra 10/- per day. 5 persons at 2nd level you will receive 20/- per person only for 2nd level. This process will continue till seventh level.

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