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How To Lose Thigh Fat At Home: Exercises, Diet

Thigh fat is one of the stubborn fat in our body. You need thigh fat on your leg to protect its organs but having excessive fat is not good. This fat consumed more calories that means it’s not up to you how to utilise this thigh fat as fuel.

It’s not only a problem for men to have fat on their thigh. You might know men are storing fat on their lower belly and women at hip or lower body portions. This is why women’s legs are wider than men. Here we are gonna look over some remedies to lose excessive fat in our thighs.

What are the reasons for gaining thigh fat?

One thing you need to remember always, you can’t just gain fat at your particular body part. Fat is just fat, it doesn’t matter where it is on your body. It mostly depends on your genetics and where you would gain the more fat.

Some people are facing fat over their arms, hip, back, neck, etc. it’s all signs of your unhealthy lifestyle. If you are gaining belly fat then reasons will be the same for gaining belly fat.

You need to change your diet or eating habits to lose body fat that will assist you to lose thigh fat also.

Dietary changes to lose thigh fat?

Your eating routine and what you eat is the first reason to gain thigh fat. Your body movements come after your lifestyle mistakes. As we mentioned above fat is just fat it doesn’t matter where you get on your body, that simply means fat loss dietary tips are the same for thigh fat.

You need to take care of some foods that are responsible to gain fat. Here are some tips that can help you to lose thigh fat.

  1. Reduce your salt intake
  2. Watch on your meal routine
  3. Balance your calories consumption
  4. Add more fiber in your diet (Fiber foods)
  5. Get enough protein (Veg protein foods)
  6. Drink a lot of water, keep your body hydrated (Water benefits)
  7. Have a one cup of coffee in the morning (Coffee benefits)
  8. Reduce your carb intake (High carb foods, Low carb veg foods)
  9. Add more electrolytes in your diet
  10. Have a healthy breakfast
  11. Don’t eat junk foods
  12. Eat lot of vegetables
These all dietary changes can assist you with fat loss goals. If you have these changes in your lifestyle then there will no doubt be losing fat. Every tip mentioned above has scientifically proved the best way to lose body fat.

Lifestyle changes to lose thigh fat

After your dietary changes, what kind of life you are living is very important to consider. Your healthy habits and behavior are also responsible for gaining fat. If you want to cut the thigh fat from the bottom, you should also have some changes in your lifestyle.

Here are some lifestyle changes that can definitely help you to lose fat.

  1. Don’t sit too long
  2. Use your legs for short distance
  3. Chew your food slowly
  4. Have some cardio and HIIT sessions
  5. Get enough sleep (Importance of sleep)
  6. Have some meditation time (Meditation tips)
  7. Don’t eat in front of TV
  8. Use stairs instead of lift
  9. Reduce your mental stress (Stress management)

Exercises to lose thigh fat

Remember losing thigh fat does not mean to just have legs workout. Fat is fat after all you need to consume more calories than your intake quantity.

Your fat is nothing but a fuel for your body. Use that fuel to lose it’s own fat. Here are some exercises that can help you to improve your leg mobility and strength.

In the result that will improve the ratio of muscles thigh with its fat.

In this exercise your thigh will carry all of your weight on just one legs, one by one. That jumping will help you to burn more calories. With every jump your leg muscles will contract and improve their strength.

  • Stand straight and close your hands
  • Keep your both leg wide
  • Now jump to your right side and keep your left leg up
  • After it, jump with your one leg to the left side and stand on leg left
  • Your only one leg should be on the ground
  • Repeat this exercise for 10 repetition for each leg

It’s a very effective and easy exercise for losing thigh fat and improving your butt size also. You can do it in standing position or in doggy style position. If you are performing this exercise with a standing position then you will have to bend your body down then you can kick back. I have taken the support of the bench to achieve its perfection in standing position.

  • Stand in camel position or sit in doggy position
  • Keep your back straight
  • Now kick back your one leg as up as you can
  • The more you kick up the better the results

To get rid of inner thigh fat leg split is a very effective exercise. It will directly target your inner thighs portion. While you perform this exercise you can notice the stress and contraction on your inner thigh.

  • Get sleep on your back and lied on the floor
  • Raise your both legs up
  • Split your both legs as much as you can
  • Now close it again and split
  • Repeat this exercise for 10-12 time per one set

Are you well aware of biceps curl exercise? Then you can understand the importance of this exercise too. This exercise mostly performs in the gym with leg curl machines.

There are lots of ways to perform leg curl exercise at the gym but we are gonna perform it at home. Just forget about the weight and do weight free leg curl exercise.

  • Get in the doggy position
  • Kick your one leg back
  • Now hold the leg up and bent your knee towards your thighs
  • Repeat this exercise for 10-12 time per set for each leg

It’s also effective for inner thigh fat loss. You must increase its repetition for each set. Your speed does matter here more than repetition, so it’s better to improve your speed for better results.

  • Stand straight and keep your chest high
  • Close your both legs
  • Now raise only one leg at a time
  • If you are gonna raise your right leg then it’s called right leg side raises
  • Do the same with other leg
  • Repeat this exercise for 20 times for each set
  • Increase speed of exercise for better results

This is an allrounder exercise that can help you to lose thigh fat along with increasing its strength. It’s also recommended for professional gym performers. Here is the light look on it.

  • Stand with keep distance in both legs
  • Now, get down at one side with bent your one knee
  • Once you done for one side then get down to the other side
  • Repeat this exercise for 8 times for each set
If you can’t perform it for 8 times then you can minimise the repetition because it’s difficult exercise and effective.

It’s also an allrounder exercise, losing thighs fat. If you want to lose all over fat if your thigh then it can help you a lot. While you rotate your legs you can have stress all over your thighs. It’s not only helpful for inner thighs, you can perform it for leg mobility and stretching.

  • Get sleep on the floor
  • Lift only your one leg
  • Now, make a circle with your raised leg
  • Once you done with your right leg get down it
  • Raise left leg up, and make round circle with it
  • Have a 10 repetition at least for each leg

Your legs movements with stretching can help you to reduce thigh fat. Sidekick is important to make your stance perfect. Whenever you kick, your one thigh gets up and kicks. In this way your overall flexibility will improve.

  • Stand straight and keep your chest high
  • Now, side kick with only one leg for 10 time
  • Once you have done with one leg you should kick with other leg
  • Increase your speed or repetition for better results


To reduce thigh fat you need to take care of your diet and lifestyle. Your eating routine and what you eat does really matter along with your exercise. Remember fat is fat it does not matter where it is on your body.

If you want to lose it you need to go with a framework of fat loss. You should stop and follow a healthy lifestyle and keep your body busy with some exercise. What steps will you take for fat loss will assist you with thigh fat loss. So there is not any diet that can help you to lose only thighs fat.

All the exercises mentioned above can help you to lose thigh fat because it will maintain muscles to fat ratio. Besides, your thigh skin would become tight. If you really wanna make your thigh attractive then follow these all tips.

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