Bat paper plane

How To Make Bat Paper Plane Step By Step Images

If you are looking for bat paper plane step by step with images then you already here at right place. Here we explained how can you make it in easy way.

It called bat because it’s absolutely looks like a bat. Once you finish all the steps or you can see the main feature images. This is very attractive and you can give any desire color you want.

If you aren’t still aware about it then you should give a try because at the end you will gonna love it. And maybe you will like it alot. We want new creators to know it, and rest of all always welcome here.

As paper concerned, you should try your normal type of paper, it’s not mandatory to use any special kind of paper to make it. Notebook page will be better option but it’s all depends on your weather there.

On social media bat paper plane is became so popular because it swings wings on the air. That’s why it looks very awesome and also steps are very impressive. We can understand how curious you are to know these steps be patience and follow all the steps given below.

Step: 1

Take a paper

Bat paper plane step 1

Step 2:

Fold it at the centre

Bat paper plane step 2

Step 3:

Fold right corner to centre

Bat paper plane step 3

Step 4:

Fold left corner to centre

Bat paper plane step 4

Step 5:

Fold right side like shown in below image

Bat paper plane step 5

Step 6:

Fold left side like shown in below image

Bat paper plane step 6

Step 7:

Fold upper right corner

Bat paper plane step 7

Step 8:

Fold upper left corner

Bat paper plane step 8

Step 9:

Turn over

Bat paper plane step 9

Step 10:

Fold upside to down

Bat paper plane step 10

Step 11:

Fold right upper

Bat paper plane step 11

Step 12:

Fold left upper

Bat paper plane step 12

Step 13:

Fold the arrow to upward direction

Bat paper plane step 13

Step 14:

Turn over

Bat paper plane step 14

Step 15:

Fold arrow

Bat paper plane step 15

Step 16:

Fold page at the centre

Bat paper plane step 16

Step 17:

Leave a bit bottom and fold

Bat paper plane step 17

Step 18:

Like this

Bat paper plane step 18

Step 19:

Do it at both side

Bat paper plane step 19

Step 20:

Here you go with your paper bat plane

Bat paper plane step 20

Those all the steps to create your own paper bat plane, if you didn’t understand any of the step so please feel free to ask us. Our comment section is always open for your queries. We will give you answers as soon as possible.

Once you became familiar with this then you would not need to watch these steps again and again. It’s all just matter of time and practice. The more you practice the less time it will take.

If you think this article is helpful then you can share it with your friends and let them know how can they make it as well. We would like to share your experience with new visitors then they will also try it.

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