how to motivate for exercise

How To Motivate Yourself For Exercise

Motivation is must if you want to start exercise and keep it up with time to time. Everyone can do exercise if he or she gets proper valid motivation for it.

You would not force yourself until you got the inspiration for it. There are lots of people who are dreaming to start weight loss exercises but eventually they fail. The reason for their failure is not their lack of work but their motivation or determination.

We know that having healthy weight is so important to live a healthy or balanced life. You may be struggling to lose weight or some of the people who are still just want to start an exercise routine. Remember weight loss motivation is not like watching any entertaining movie.

Why do you need motivation for exercise?

Answer is very simple. In this universe everything has its own motive. These trees, stones, animals, even humans. Humans are also sabotaging their ways of easy living that’s why they need motivation to live a healthy life.

You don’t need to motivate any animal for its work, animals are more aware of their work than you. If you look closer, you can’t even choose a healthy path until someone tells you the importance of being healthy.

Everyone wishes to live a healthy life but only few are taking the steps for it. If 100 people wish to exercise then only 50 will decide to start an exercise. In 50 only 10 people will actually start their exercise routine. At the end among 10 people only 1-2 people keep up and sustain their exercise routine for a long time.

Effective ways of motivation for exercise

The main advantage of motivation for exercise is that there are lots of reasons to do exercise. If you have a single reason to skip exercise then there are ten reasons to start exercise.

We have collected some most effective reasons that can boost your positivity to take exercise seriously. Sometimes you even want to start exercise but there was no one to explain to you why you should go for exercise.

Whenever you feel like skipping exercise then you can read this article and get motivation from it.

1. Decide why exercise

Most of the people going through this mistake do not have a proper reason for exercise. I know the majority of people just want to go exercise because his friends are going to gym. Remember there will be no one who can lift weights for you.

Your friend can’t run for you, you are the only one who will have exercise for yourself. If you decided to do exercise without any valid reason then you would hardly keep your path for one week. After one week you will lose your enthusiasm for exercise. Whenever you are exercising, you need to remember what you start or why you need to start exercise.

2. Valid expectations

Just imagine you have started to exercise and look awesome in just two weeks. Wow! So amazing a dream is this, isn’t it? Yes, it’s such an amazing dream only in dreams, not in reality. Our dreams are nothing but just expectations of our demands.

We are not saying that don’t expect anything in life, but you should limit it with reality. You can’t achieve your goal in just the first step. There are lots of things you need to go through without doubting your abilities. Only thing you should have is your expectations.

If you expect something that is beyond your abilities then at the end you will get demotivated. So it’s always better to have realistic expectations. The results and benefits you will have with exercise takes time because our body needs to adapt to changes in body.

If you want to keep up with your hard work then have realistic expectations then you can continue for long. The people who started exercise with their expectations eventually lost hope and left the path in the middle of the way.

3. Focus on your goals

There would be lots of negativity wandering around you, but how much it would affect you totally depends on your focus. If you only focus your goals then these negativity will not have any effects on you.

Most of the people lost their hope because of unexisted problems. Once you start something good for you, it’s obvious to have its opposite things. Like if you jump then you can fall also, that does not give you a reason to stop jumping.

At the beginning you probably are not getting any desired outcomes but you need to stay focused on your goals. Once you question your own beliefs, it’s over.

4. Make it’s a lifestyle

Everything in your life does not last long until you fit it in your lifestyle. Whatever you are doing right now it’s because of you or someone else deliberately exposed it to you.

You need not to take instructions for drinking water and food because it’s our daily need. You are going to the office because now it is your lifestyle. You might not be aware of it, whatever you plan to do with your life you always need to manage it according to your job convenience.

You did not plan your life, actually you planned your life according to your job rules. This is elegant. You need to give priority to your exercise for a healthy life.

5. Progress tracking

You should not hurry for results and must not be ignorant towards your exercise progress. There is no doubt that you will have results of your hard work with time. If you look at your progress then it will boost your confidence and enthusiasm of exercise.

Your tracking on progress shows how much you are aware with your exercise routine. Besides continuously tracking on your progress will give you an idea, what improvements should you have to get better results.

You might have the wrong diet or exercise that’s why you are not getting its outcome, in that case it helps you a lot. And if you have good progress then there is no doubt that you will become more motivated.

6. Appreciate your success

We have described above why progress tracking is important but things not done here. Your own appreciation towards your success is more important. Don’t hesitate if no one is appreciating you, it doesn’t matter till you have your own appreciation.

In this world no one can change your life except you this is why no one’s appreciation is more important than yours. If you want to get appreciated by people then it’ll only start from you. Once you start to give and clap your hard work then next time you will pour more energy.

7. Social support

You are the only one who can truly support you. But in the case if you are not still sure about it then you need to find social support. Social support means your friends and associates in the gym.

If you have a good number of followers then you can share your exercises videos and your experiences with them. It’s such an amazing idea and helpful to get motivation with them.

Whenever you feel something supportive to you that makes you feel energetic and then you will become ready to put more effort. So develop your social support.

8. Commitment

Once you make a commitment no one can stop you, even yourself. Going without commitment will no longer help you to motivate for exercise. It’s the biggest mistake you go into in any sector without any commitment.

We have one better idea to keep you stuck with your commitments. Share your goals with your friends and colleagues that will help you to take more responsibility with your goals.

Another idea is somewhat risky, if you are really serious about starting exercise then pay your gym centre fees ahead of schedule. Once paid the fees you will have to go for exercise anyhow.

9. Think positive

Positivity is the key to any success. You can’t imagine winning goals without positive thinking, so how could you achieve your goals in this real world without it. Your positive approach is very important to keep you on your track.

If you are not positive enough in the gym then you can’t even lift the weights. Your body will not be able to if you think negatively.

10. Make plans

If you just entered the arena without any planning so how could you stand up on the floor. You must design a plan for it, then you will have motivation automatically.

Your preparation will make your mindset. Proper plan will help you to manage your lifestyle without disturbing your work. You might get depressed after you start exercise without any plans.

It can be responsible for more chaos and undesirable outcomes. You always need to be ready for your exercise schedule, don’t be haste just plan it and relax.

11. Don’t look for perfection

That point can be a negative indication for you but no. It’s not negative, just let me explain what I really mean. There is no perfection in fitness. You always need to perform better than before.

If you think you have achieved your goal then you might stop exercising and get back to your old body self. If you have entered the fitness zone then there is no outdoor.

Fitness zone is very honest with your hard work. If you are working hard for your health then you will definitely get results, and whenever you will stop your efforts then you will get back to normal. So that’s why we want you to not look for perfection. Perfection means stop, and we are not allowed to stop in this arena.

12. Respect your body

Your body only will be with you if you behave respectful with it. There is power in respect, whenever you start to respect your body it will start to respond to your hard work quickly.

You might be aware of this, if you just give water to plants it will just grow. But if you watered your plant with love then it can grow better. Your body is watching over you, either you respect it or not.

If you start respecting your body then you will have better abs faster results. Don’t think that you are skinny or fatty, you are always blaming your body that’s why it becomes more fatty with your negative response. You should start respecting your body today onward.

13. Find the way of exercise you enjoy

Remember while playing on grounds never makes you tired, why? It’s not your body stamina which makes you exhausted, it’s your mind. If you are enjoying the game then your body will start to feed more energy to you.

We know that you are watching over the clock to consume your exercise slot time. If you don’t enjoy your exercise then how could you put your energy. Without enjoying you can’t even focus on it. That’s why it’s better to find the way of exercise you really enjoy.

14. Decide role model

This is one of the effective ways to motivate yourself. Find someone who can motivate you for exercise. If you ask us, who was our role model then I am mainly two celebrities. You can’t believe but I started to go to the gym after watching him in a movie.

The first role model was “Scott Adkins” from the movie ‘Undisputed’ and the second is “Taylor Lautner” from movie ‘twilight: the new moon’. If you will find your own role model then it would be easy for you to do exercise. Just watch his movies and action scenes to get motivated.

15. Get your outfits

Your nature and attire can help you to get motivation. How you wear the clothes really matters nowadays. Whenever you see yourself in the mirror you should get more energy for exercise.

If you wear ordinary clothes and go for exercise then you will not find anything athletic in you. Your clothes will help you to think more enthusiastic with your exercise. Your slim fit will give an attractive shape to your body and help you to think positively.

Outfit is important to make you feel like you are an athlete not a just ordinary guy. So you should buy some attractive clothes for exercise.

16. Watch motivational exercise videos

You can find workout motivational videos all around the web. Make your own watch list and watch these whenever you want to feel positive about exercise. These exercise videos will definitely be helpful for everyone.

You will start to imagine your own self in their place. Once you find yourself in these videos, your mind will demand to make it real. This is the real purpose of motivational videos.

If you have enough motivation already then no problem, but the majority of people don’t have motivation then it could prove helpful for them.


Getting motivation for exercise is the first and last step. You can’t just have motivation at the beginning and then leave it. Certainly no, you need to keep your motivation on throughout this journey.

That’s why we provided tips that are helpful for beginners as well as professionals. All the rules are the same for all categories of people because you can’t change these according to you.

If you are just thinking about exercise and haven’t taken any decision then read this article. Our main purpose of this article is to give you motivation for exercise and help you to keep going with it.

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