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How To Reduce Puffy Nipples? Exercise and Diet

You need to follow some diet and exercises to reduce puffy nipples. Different body part workouts can help you with it. Now first have a look on some basic information you should have to know.

As a man I know how much bad it looks having puffy nipples on men’s bodies. Men’s bodies are supposed to be strong or full of strength.

Puffy nipples can tell you so much about your health and nature. If you have puffy nipples then people see you as an unhealthy or bad mannered person.

Why does it relate to your etiquette? Because if men are responsible with his personality that means he is more conscious about his reputation. Good reputation is also very important to show how well mannered you are.

You can’t impress anyone with your puffy nipples. But broad chest and tight chest make your real good image among people. If you are still not thinking about losing it then you should think better again.

Diet tips to reduce puffy nipples

As we explained above, puffy nipples are the outcome of your excessive fat. If you wanna lose it with diet then you should diminish the fatty foods in your life. It’s not tough to stop fatty foods if you really want to reduce your puffy nipples.

If you will consult with your doctor then his first suggestions for you to follow a good or healthy diet. You must remember, your puffy nipples are more likely an output of your bad eating habits.

So it’s obvious to know to stay away from the foods who are responsible for your puffy nipples. If by chance it’s a side effect of your unbalanced hormones. That’s why if you are an adult or in teenage then you should eat foods which help you to control testosterone level.

Here are some foods that can help you to control your testosterone level.

Medical treatments for puffy nipples

By chance if you are not getting any desired results by following diet and exercises, you are more likely to go with surgery treatments. If you want to know some information about surgeries then here you go.

  • Tissue extraction: These treatments will remove your chest tissues. Sometimes it has some negative effects on the body but it can get covered in 3-4 weeks.
  • Mastectomy: It includes the action of removing organ tissues of the chest and will take up to 4 weeks to cure.
  • Liposuction: In this treatment your chest fat will get removed without disturbing any tissues. It also takes time up to 3-4 weeks to get a cure.
  • Non-obtrusive fat decrease: This system will remove excessive fat from the chest. It mostly performs with radio frequency or laser rays. It can take 1-2 weeks to recover.

Why exercises is important to reduce puffy nipples?

You can reduce puffy nipples with only a diet but it will take too much time and you are more likely to break your diet in the middle of the way. Exercise is the only way to get results faster.

Just having a good diet is not helpful for reducing puffy nipples. With the help of the exercises your muscles around the chest will contract and skin will get tightened. Eventually it will help you to reduce puffy nipples.

We have various types of dips exercises that will target your chest by all directions. Our conclusion here is very easy and understandable that you need to do exercises to reduce your puffy nipples.

Exercises to reduce puffy nipples

To reduce puffy nipples you need to tighten your chest skin and contract your chest muscles. These all exercises mentioned below will hit your chest muscles and help to reduce puffy nipples.

1. Regular dips

Regular dips are well known to everyone. This is so basic and the greatest form of exercise anybody can do it for strength and for puffy nipples.

The good thing about regular dips is that beginners and professionals can do it and it will help both types of people. Regular dips are directly hit to your side chest to stretch it’s muscles.

  • First, rise your hands in front of your chest, slowly wide it to your shoulder level.
  • Don’t raise your hand above your chest or not lower to your chest.
  • Your hands must be in proportion to your chest.
  • Lie on the floor and try to push and release, again push and release.
  • You can increase the pressure on your arm by slowing down the workout action.

These types of dips are very popular and everyone is also starting exercise with regular dips.

2. Triangle dips

This dips variation is becoming so popular, because it proved to be very good for whole arm strength. Your chest and arm strength will boost with triangle dips.

Though this is not very difficult, you may get trouble at the start but after some days you can do it easily. If you really want to get rid of your puffy nipples then you should not miss it.

  • To perform triangle dips you need to make a triangle by your hands palm.
  • Stick your triangle to the floor and be in your initial state.
  • Come down then push the floor and release. Repeat till you can do.
  • If you are facing trouble or ache at your wrist you can make a gap between your hands. It will get easier than before.

You can check the 2nd position in the above video for more understanding. If you are feeling so much trouble or ache at wrist then simply decrease the number of repeat values.

3. Triceps dips

Triceps dips variation are very helpful for boosting or pumping your triceps and chest muscles. This is a very easy form and can perform without any weights or equipment.

Triceps dips will stretch your lower chest and help to reduce puffy nipples. Here are the steps or tips for better results.

  • Rises your hands in front of you. Get down slowly.
  • Your hands must be adjacent to your waist. The closer the hand will be the better the result. But don’t get too close otherwise it will ruin the form or workout.
  • Pushing the floor down will help you to raise your body up. Remember while performing this, your arms must remain parallel to your body.
  • Don’t let your elbow spread wide away from your body.

Triceps dips are also popular like regular dips but the only difference is the targeted muscle. In triceps dips the major target muscle will be triceps.

4. Reverse dips

It’s called reverse dips because your hands will be in reverse direction than regular dips. It’s like regular dips but reverse hand direction. We can consider it as a type of dips or variation. Reverse dips are helpful to boost your arm, biceps and chest stretch.

  • Rise your hands in front of your body at an angle of chest.
  • Decline your hands up until you reach your waist.
  • Now rotate your palm or wrist at 180 degree angle.
  • Push to the floor and then release. Perform it till you can do it. It will help you to develop your biceps.

This is so easy and helps you to boost your strength.

5. Wide angle arm dips

These dips will help you to pump your chest dramatically with your whole arms. It may be difficult at the start but slowly slowly you will adapt with it. If you want to contract your chest muscles faster then it’s highly recommended exercise.

You even feel the stretching around puffy nipples during wide angle arm dips. That wide angle is the key to stretch and contract more muscles in the chest.

  • Put your hands in front of your chest, like we described for regular dips.
  • Now you just need to rotate your wrist or palm at a 90 degree angle.
  • Now we are going to cover both sides but one at a time.
  • First slide to your left side and come closer to the floor, then push it and go to the other side.
  • After completing the other side go again to the left side. You need to push with both hands.

You can feel the pumping at chest and pressure at your arm. Watch the video for better understanding.

6. Round dips

Round dips are not so popular because it’s some kind of difficult form to perform. But it will help you to boost your chest arms and lose arm fat with puffy nipples. In round dips your chest continuously gets stretching variations that make it more effective.

  • Rise your hands in front of your body and angle of your chest.
  • Lie down on the floor. Just remember we are not supposed to round the full circle.
  • We will round up the half circle per one side.
  • Now, assume you are at the initial position. First, we will cover the left side. That means we will make the round half circle by left side to floor. Then get reverse to back and without stopping to the initial position we make the full circle by the right side.
  • Then complete the circle with the opposite angle. Do this till you can do.

Round dips are a very good choice to flex your shoulder with a pumping chest. It will target your chest and shoulders.

Why dips are better exercise to reduce puffy nipples?

No one can deny how much dips are popular from the decade. Not only decades but we can also see proof that ancient wrestlers were performing dips for body strength.

Dips can be a better option or solution to reduce your puffy nipples. As we know dips are not only popular because of its popularity but there are various types or forms to perform dips. It simply means a type of dips will help you to target your chest from various directions.

In this article we are going to look at how you can perform various types of dips to increase body strength as well as reduce puffy nipples.

If you will only understand the proper position of hands for particular types of dips variation then it will help you to reduce puffy nipples quickly. So now without taking too much time here we go.


Hope this information will help you to reduce puffy nipples. We didn’t include any weights of and gym equipment. You can reduce your puffy nipples with these exercises at home. You can do it anywhere with only your body weights.

We provided the video because it’s so hard to explain in words. Doing these all exercises will show you results in just one month because all exercises are very effective and designed to hit your chest.

We know that men are not only looking to get rid of puffy nipples. They also want to improve their strength that’s why we have provided strength exercises with this.

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