How to start blog for beginners

How To Start Blog To Earn Money For Beginners

Start your blog to earn money for beginners

You can earn money with blogging and even from home. Nowadays it’s easy to start a blog and make extra income with it. In this article we are gonna tell you some awesome tips to start your own blog.

We know that blogging is not that easy, so first thing is that you should dropout the misconception of it. It’s true that you can earn lots of money with it but it will not going to be easy. It was easy before 2015 but now it’s too difficult as well. But don’t worry about it, you just need proper guidelines and motivation to keep you in blogging path.

There is no doubt that bloggers are earning very good amount of money with their passion but only bloggers can understand their struggles. Only they knew how much struggle they have been through.

Here are some best tips that can definitely help you to run your own blog.

1. Choose blog niche

It’s really easy to understand why should you choose blog niche according to your knowledge. You can only write your posts if you are all aware about it and what are you writing about. Without knowledge no one can survive in blogging field.

If you don’t have any knowledge but good in entertainment field then you can also choose entertainment as your blog niche. It’s all about your strategies that how will visitors gonna like your content.

First think and observe yourself and find in which field you can share your knowledge to the world. Bloggers only able to write what they know already.

If you haven’t choose any niche and thinking to start blog then stop take  pause think and then start. Without preparation you more likely to able run your blog as far as 1 month.

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2. Decide the blog name

This is the very first step if you want to start your own blog. Remember your blog name is nothing but your identity. Everyone will recognise your blog with that name so think 100 times than choosing wrong name.

Don’t care about time because blogging field will take time for sure for reaching to audience. You better take time and think about the proper name which will really suit to your blog.

If you have no any idea about how to choose name then think about your blogging niche and choose according to it. But remember blog name is everything and everything is blog name.

3. Buy hosting and domain

No one can start blogging without domain name and hosting. If you want to do it for free then you can go with; is Google’s platform for bloggers to start blogging but there are lot’s of limitations and can’t match with other platforms.

If you are really serious about blogging then don’t do it on blogger, you can buy domain and hosting by hosting companies online.

As a beginner you can buy cheap hosting plan and you may get free domain name with it. Once you buy the hosting then you can customize your website with help of WordPress. have not only limitation weakness but there are also several issues with SEO. So for best practices you should go with paid hosting and proper own domain name.

4. Choose right template

You should choose correct design according to your topic. If you are blogging on travelling niche then choose design template which suits to travelling field. Once you start using WordPress you will got to know about template.

Your visitors should not face any difficulties to find anything in your website, so choose wisely. Besides template does really matter and impact on SEO, its all depends on how you design and customize your blog.

5. Star writing posts

It’s obvious that you need to write posts or articles to get indexed and let google know about it. Just buying hosting and domain are useless without starting writing articles.

You have lots of knowledge but do not haste to write all articles in just one day. Preplan about your articles and make schedule that which article you would post in each day.

At the beginning you need to write at least one article per day. You can go lazy once your website got noticed by google and more importantly buy visitors. Your continuous writing and updating will help your blog to rank on google search although it would take time definitely. But what can we do because google is watching over all websites movements.

If you stop writing posts google will diminish your blog slowly slowly from google search.

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6. Make schedule and publish

We had told a little bit about it, but now let us extract it. As your writing articles are important, your proper schedule is also important. At the initial stage you should manage your all article in queue manner.

Your all posts need to be in line and help visitors to find which article comes after which. Decide one exact time and publish according to it. If it’s not possible to publish one article each day then publish one article in two days. Keep it simple and easy for google to know how you working on your blog.

7. Promote and share your blog posts

You write articles and publishing it but what its use if it does not reach to to visitors. Blogging is not just about buying domain name, hosting it, design in and writing articles.

Actually real game is just start now once you all ready with your blog. All the steps we have discussed earlier are nothing but just preparation, really game is begins now. There are lots of people who are writing and publishing their knowledge but they are not reaching to audience because they don’t know how to share and promote their blog posts.

There are lots of strategies you need to use, and your all strategies only be helpful if you have completed all the steps and tips we have discussed above. Once you completed this all you are nothing but ready with sword and shield to successfully entering in blogging arena.


This is really all you need to do if you want to start your own blog. There are still plenty of things to discuss about it, but at this stage there is no meaning to discuss about it. Lots of twists will arrived with upcoming time of your blogging, you only need is to just start now.

At the beginner phase there is nothing left to discuss, but keep yourself motivated and passionate with it. Very first rule of blogging is motivation and never give up attitude.

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