Stop masturbation addiction

How To Stop Masturbation Addiction

Masturbation is one of the biggest and toughest problem among young people. People are continuously finding the way to stop masturbation.

Before we start we would like to tell you all this information is for educational purposes. We don’t want to enhance your sex urge with it. This is what people really want to stop. That’s why we are giving you information about it.

Well, it’s a personal topic and no one want to talk about it openly. Just think once, the people you are meeting always masturbate, what??? Feeling so weird….

Yes, it’s true no one is here who doesn’t masturbate. Men and women both used to do masturbation. Women masturbation known as orgasm.

There is nothing wrong to masturbate as long as it becomes an addiction. Masturbation is sexual activity to explore your self pleasure. If you ever think closer about it then you found masturbation is the way of sexual pleasure, sometimes you do it alone or sometimes with a partner. But the procedure is the same.

It only matters if your fantasies make you feel more pleasure with a partner. Whenever you masturbate with partner you feel more open with your sex life that’s why it can be more pleasurable with your associate.

The main pleasure is in your mind not in your activities. You have some urge to share your sex life like you share your happiness and sorrow with other.

Is masturbation wrong?

Absolutely not, masturbation is a self pleasure activity that can help you to reduce stress and feel better. There are lots of myths that masturbation causes weakness and all.In this life whatever you do or if it’s limit will cause you side effects.

Masturbation is a natural process so whenever you feel or have an urge of it then only do it. Your perspective towards masturbation will decide if it is good or bad. People having sex with partner and feeling energetic then how just masturbating can cause you weakness?

The weakness is in your mind not in masturbation. You attached the masturbation process with weakness, if you attached energy with it then you can feel more energetic after masturbation. So no, it’s not wrong but over doing or your perspective about it can make it wrong.

When masturbation becomes a problem?

As we said before, if you are doing it above your limit it could be a problem. This is not only a problem we have with it. Your uncontrolled nature on masturbation is the main problem.

If you are skipping work, school, etc then it should be considered as a problem. If you want to know the bad effects on health then it’s so fewer than it’s benefits. Benefits of masturbation over bad effects are so high that we can’t consider it bad.

You should have control over masturbation that will not bother you during your work. Your sexual urge can be a problem to concentrate on your study or work. Whenever you feel to have above problems then get to know that you have an addiction of masturbation.

How to stop masturbation

You can’t stop masturbation but you can have control over it. All start with your sexual urge, masturbation is the outcome of your sexual urge.

If you are thinking to stop masturbation it could be impossible until you think about your perspective about sex life. Once you realize that sexuality is responsibility then your mind will stop the unneeded sexual urge.

You can’t stop your sexual urges completely and it could be wrong with nature but you can have control on it. Stopping masturbation is not a sudden task to achieve.

You need to be focused and determined. Slowly slowly you will get control of it. Here are some tips to prevent your from masturbation.

Don’t be alone

Masturbation is a private thing to do, so if whenever you are in public or with your friends you can do masturbation. Besides, a friend’s company will divert your mind from masturbation.

Just think that whenever you are in public you are free to do any activities but not private one. In that case your mind always seeking a private space to feel more sexual and do sexual activity.

Your friend association and public place is a barrier for your masturbation.

Be busy

Everything starts from the mind and stops. Whatever you want to do is all stored in your mind, your work activities to private activities. Now it’s all part of your priorities, for which work you will give your more and valuable time.

Whenever you seem free and do nothing then there are high chances to go for masturbation. Your free mind has nothing to do except masturbation that’s why you keep yourself busy.

Think that if you start to keep yourself busy in your valuable work that means you will have two advantages at times. You will prevent masturbation and increase your work productivity.

No pornography

Your mind is seeking the way to feel more sexual. Even you are busy in your work and watching pornography then your mind will urge more sexual feeling.

Your imagination is an immense boost for sexual feelings. Pornography affects mind and can change your behavior with society. What we watch on TV and the Internet strongly affect our mind.

So it’s always a better idea to say so for porn content.

Healthy lifestyle

If you look over your habits then you can know how and when you generally get a masturbation urge. Your daily routine and habits strongly affect your behavior and peace of mind.

If you have good habits with your daily life then there are very low chances to think about masturbation activity. Everything you are doing is nothing but your habits, your habits create your nature and programming your mind.

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Consult with doctor

If you are being tried everything and still not feeling to stop it then it’s better to consult your doctor. Doctors can give you some advice and some treatment for it.

Humans can get control by their mind and mind can get control with chemical reaction. In that case doctors can help you to stop masturbation.

Accept your masturbation addiction

Everything starts from yourself, how could you find the solution of problems until you got to know if it’s a problem or not. If you don’t know what is the problem then how could you possibly start to find the remedies for it.

You need to be honest with yourself and accept that you are doing so much and don’t have control over masturbation. Your acceptance is the key here to stop it.

Accept that you masturbate then your mind will feel relaxed and can stop blaming yourself.

Support organization

There are so many organizations who assist you to stop your habits . You don’t need to tell them masturbation is your problem, you can join them and have some motivation and self confidence sessions. You can disclose your weakness and life tragedies to feel more easy and supportive.

If you don’t have an organization then no problem you may create your own. Your one friend association is enough to make you feel more confident and supportive.

Be more active

Your active mind is always looking for something productive. Active minds are more likely to think only about their passion. They don’t sacrifice their time for addiction over their life goals.

If you have some dreams to complete then you need to become more active for it. Make your mind to stay busy with your tasks and body movements.

Do new activities

Hollow mind always looking for happiness and if you don’t have anything to do then there will be only one thing left to feel happy. You know that very well, the people who are doing jobs are getting tedious with their same work.

At the beginning you can be more conscious of your job tasks but with time you will definitely get bored with it. Human mind is always seeking new activities. That’s why humans discovered so many technologies and tried to get more happy thanksgiving before.

In new activities you need to be more focused for it because old one activities do not need to pay more attention. If you are putting more attention to new activities then your mind will not have time to think about masturbation.


Exercise can help you to stop masturbation. Exercise will not only boost your physical strength but also mental health. Exercise can help your mind to get controlled on it.

Your exercise can boost or improve your focus on your health. The more you get conscious the less chances of having masturbation.

We are not talking about gym exercise, you May have running, swimming or yoga.

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How much time it will take to stop masturbation addiction?

Patience is the key to stop any addiction. You can’t stop any addiction in just over night, you first need to be patient to look over your improvements.

If you want answers from business men then the answer is sudden and if you want answers from ordinary guys then the answer could be unpredictable. This totally depends on how much you are aware and controlled over your masturbation habit.

Your reason should be strong enough to make you stop it. Just think how could you stop masturbation if you don’t have a proper or strong reason for it.

We have one very simple answer how much time it will take to stop: the more you are aware the less masturbation you will have.


Masturbation has some minor side effects but if you are just looking for its side effects then you aren’t possibly able to stop it. The main side effect is your feeling of guilt.

You know that, you can’t stop and whenever you masturbate you feel guilt again. You need to stop being guilty then it would be easy for you to stop it. After all masturbation don’t have any dangerous side effects on the body but it can trouble you for your work and other activities.

You don’t need to feel down because it’s not easy to get control over your masturbation addiction but never lose hope. Be focused and have positive ways to look at your life.

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