Bricks back workout

How to use bricks for back workout

There are so many ways to use bricks for exercise, in this article we are gonna show you how to use bricks for back workout. We provide video also for better understanding. You just need to achieve perfect form. Bricks can be work as dumbbell for your back workout.

Dead lift with bricks

Dead lift workout is one of the best workout for boost your back strength. Before we start to how to perform I would like to give you some tips. This workout will mainly focused on your lower back. So observe the pressure at your lower back during this workout.

  • Stand up straight to head. Hold two bricks on your both hands.
  • Now, get your head slowly down to downward side. Don’t fold your upper back during this workout.
  • You only need to bent your body from your hip. That means your body will bent like almost 90 degree with respect to your legs.
  • Don’t let your bricks touch to ground, you must not let touch bricks to ground.
  • Start to get up your body to your initial position. Straight to head.

Tip: Grab your bricks tightly otherwise your foots can get hurt.

Bricks bent over

This is same as barbell bent over workout.Only change is that we replace barbell with bricks. The rules will be also same as bent over exercise.

  • Hold two bricks in both hands. Bent your your lower back towards ground.
  • Remember, don’t bent upper upper back. Otherwise full workout gone wrong way.
  • After complete above 2 steps, release your hands towards floor.
  • Pull up both bricks up to your body. Your elbows must be moved slightly near to your wrist.
  • Don’t let you elbows goes wide, otherwise you will no able to feel the pressure on your back.
  • Then, let’s go to your initial position.

You need to repeat this all steps till your back feel some pain. Your pain is evidence that you are doing it right.

Bent over rolling bricks

In this workout form, you need to be balance your body. Because you will feel the weight disturbance during this workout.

  • Get the same position like we did in previous workout.
  • Now, here need your attention. First, you should up the bricks as perpendicular to your head.
  • Like we hold object above our head. But this is all done with bent your body.
  • Push bricks in front of your head then pull it all above your back body.
  • Again push bricks to head and repeat it.

Close hand bent over

It’s workout is like bent over workout but only difference is your hand position. We were hold two brick because we wanted cross our back with elbows. In this exercise we don’t need to cross our body but only close your hands. Your both hands must be closer to each other. So it would be easy if we use only one brick.

  • Stand straight to ground and hold only one brick with both hands.
  • Now, slightly bent your back and try to pull up the brick.
  • You need to pull brick till it reaches to your stomach.
  • Release whole pressure again repeat the previous steps.

Dips position back extension

As we see it’s name, it indicates that we must be in dips position. Targeted muscle should be your back. We are nothing do with dips right now, we just need it’s position. Hold your bricks and then get in the dips position.

  • Straight your body in dips position don’t bent anywhere.
  • Try to balance your body. Hold tightly your bricks because we need to rise them up.
  • Rise one brick to your body like we did in bent over workout. But here we can only use one hand, one hand must be on floor.
  • Then, release your brick to initial position.
  • It’s turns for second hand, rise your other hand up with elbow cross to your back.
  • Release it again to initial position.

This workout needs to be good balance, because its difficult to balance your body with one hand up and one hand down.

On knees dead lift

Name itself which shows how would we perform it. We already perform dead lift exercise. We perform with standing position. Here we can read the name it’s indicate we may perform it on our knees.

  • First, you need to be on your knees. Get something on your legs for your support.
  • Now, hold one brick near to your chest. Slightly bent your body towards ground.
  • You can experience the maximum limit of you bent. When would you reach your maximum level then get back to up initial position.
  • Repeat this all steps till you feel to stop this exercise.

Dips position flying back

In this workout position is same as dips like we did in previous workout. Only difference is the way of performing. In previous workout we only rise bricks straight to back. Here we are gonna rotating hands like flying position.

  • Get back to your dips position with grab bricks on your hands.
  • Now, you just need to rotate your hand in full circle direction.
  • From initial position to head towards your back then get down to your body and then initial position.
  • Do the same for the other hand.

Wide angle bent over

This exercise is performing with make wide angle between your hands. This is just like bent over but the difference is your hands or bricks in front of your chest.

  • Hold your bricks on both hands.
  • Bent your body like we did in bent over exercise.
  • Now, your bricks must be in hold straight to your chest.
  • Do the exercise like doing for dips. Same perform with benti body and bricks on hands.


We hope this article will help you to develop your back at home with use of bricks. We tried to explain how to perform this all workout, we will keep updating new data for all visitors. This all exercise are helpful for doing workout at home. Just keep connected with us.

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