Bricks chest workout exercise

How to use bricks for chest workout

As we know bricks are also helpful to build muscle because we can see the workers. Workers have strong and more strength than ordinary gym guy. So why don’t we use the bricks or stone to form a workout. In this article we are going to learn how can we perform chest workouts with use of bricks. We will go with the same sequence that we did in above video.

1. Low cable cross over with bricks

We normally perform this workout with use of cable machines in gym center. We will use the same form with bricks as we perform with cables.

  • Stand between two bricks and grab it on. Stand full straight, don’t let you back to bent.
  • Now bent your elbow slightly, that will help you to rise up your hands without getting any pain through hands.
  • Rise your hands from your hip to straight front of your chest.
  • Don’t forget to flex your chest, that will help you to get better result.

2. Upward dips with bricks

This is just like our ordinary dips but only change is that we use bricks instead of floor. That change even make lots of difference to flex your muscles. When you use bricks as floor, your body get slightly towards up direction. If you are doing dips in upwards direction that will not give you result like ordinary does.

  • Stand on your knees to get perfect form. Grab your bricks and get manage it to exact you chest center.
  • Now you can perform dips like ordinary dips.
  • Only extra tips for this exercise is, if you want to pump do it slowly and if you want to get shred then perform it faster.

3. Floor chest press with bricks

When you are performing chest press in gym center you get bench their to perform it easily. But when it comes to home without bench it would be difficult. Not because of weight or flat floor but you can’t fold your elbow below your body. This can cause the interrupt to balance your body.

  • Get ready your bricks but remember grab it full tightly. Don’t let it be lose otherwise it cause serious injury to your face or body.
  • Lie on the floor, grab your brick above your body and in line of chest.
  • Push bricks up as you do like on bench. Release pressure slowly till your elbows get touch to floor.
  • Repeat this steps till you can push bricks up.

4. Bricks chest fly

It’s most recommended workout for chest workout using bricks. This is easy because you will not to much bother for perfect form. You will got the perfection itself during workout. That’s why not dare to miss or ignore this exercise.

  • Lie on the floor on your back side.
  • Grab you bricks well tightly. Hold it straight to you chest.
  • Keep bend your elbow slightly and now spread your arms wide angle.
  • Let, touch your elbow to the ground and this is a maximum limit to get spread your hands.
  • Again rise up your hands to the initial position.
  • Repeat this process till you don’t feel to stop it.

5. Pullover

This workout is also good to expand your chest. That exercise will help you to stretch your chest very effectively.

  • Lie on your back on the floor. Now, hold your brick straight in front of your face. This we will call initial position.
  • Firs, let the pressure on your chest then get back to your head slowly. Don’t forget to bend your elbows slightly.
  • Do it still you feel the stretch to your chest or lat.
  • Get back to the initial position to your chest.

6. Bricks chest Butterfly

This workout form is somehow like pullover exercise. Only change is the rotation angle. In pullover we make angle perpendicular to floor. In bricks butterfly we will make angle parallel to floor. This will help you to stretch your chest and lats.

  • Lie on your back on the floor. Grab two bricks in both hands.
  • Hold bricks near to your hip. Now, make rainbow angle parallel to floor and try to reach your head.
  • Don’t let bricks to touch floor. Now, get to reverse to initial position. It’s your hip again.
  • Repeat this action till you feel the stretch at your chest and lats.

7. One arm up dips

This exercise we normally see people perform with ball. This is so easy exercise to pump your chest. In this exercise your one arm is normally up than other hand.

  • Get your brick at position right down to your one hand.
  • Actually the position of brick is depends on where your hands on floor during performing exercise.
  • Get, position to your normal dips. Then, get one brick to below your one hand.
  • Now, you are ready to dips now. First, complete exercise with right hand up then change the hand.
  • Get left hand up than right and perform dips again.


We know its always been difficult to make ideas to do workout at home. Bricks can be best alternative for dumbbell. If you know how to utilize bricks for chest then you not need to find for extra dumbbell till you feel weight with bricks. We will provide more suggestions later for now this is good to cover your exercise routine.

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