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How To Use Dailyhunt App Basic Knowledge

If you are new to use Dailyhunt app and looking for the guidelines for it then you are at the right place. In this article we are going to explain you how to use Dailyhunt app in easy way.

First you should have a knowledge and information about the app. The history and origins doesn’t matter for the user, only one thing is matter that how and why should we use. So let’s go to the basic use of Dailyhunt app.

What is Dailyhunt app?

This should be your first question before you decide to use this app. Dailyhunt app is designed to access all news easily in your mobile devices. This app is basically providing you the most relevant news for you. You will get recommended by the app to read important news frequently.

You can see all kind of news here like Bollywood, politics, trending, sports and etc. You will receive notification as you have chose the topics for you. There are hashtags to follow and also have communities. You can follow news channels to keep updated yourself every time.

Features of Dailyhunt app

Here are lots of features to use this app. Actually you can also start your own channel news on this app and it’s one of the best feature Dailyhunt app have. So features also means how would we going to use this app. Beautiful features makes every app unique and usable.

1. Home page features

On homepage you can see updated news and if you refresh it, it will replace with new updated news. You can like, comment, share and retweet on your own profile. These features help users to understand the death and truth of the news. You can see your profile pic on left top corner but we will cover it in later articles.

Below the profile you can see the topics to read the news about. You can choose your definite city and topics, just simply have to click on any topic you want. If you want to add more topics then click on the plus sign next to topics. And now you can add your topics.

2. Play sign

Below you have three options to choose first is home second is play and third is star. Now we are talking about the second one. You can see the play sign and relate it with the video play sign. That simply means you can see news in video form.

In first option you might have text and links to read and redirect but in this option you can see news videos. This videos are very helpful to know the situations and intensity of incident. Here you can like, comment, share and retweet the video news.

3. Star

Here you can see the profiles to follow. Recommend profiles, locations, sources, most popular news, entertainment yourself, trending sports, business finance, mobiles gadgets, lifestyle health, technology, opinion featured, automobiles, astrology, education employment, trending hashtags. These all categories you will have to choose on star page.

In each topics you will have a lot of accounts to follow, you can have your choice to decide who me to follow or not. We will discuss this all features in upcoming articles because this topic is huge to describe.

4. Notifications

Right upper corner you can see the bell icon, this bell icon is nothing but notifications. If you have followed channels and want to check the updates then click on the bell icon and you can see all the news which you had missed to read. Blue highlighted headings are not opens yet and once you open it, it will become white.

5. Profile

Here we will only cover the basics of profile. You can create your own channel with your desire name. My posts, notifications, activity, history, settings and feedback options you have.

In my post you can see all of your posts with time and date, besides post like, comment, share as well. My post have option to create post, here you can create your own post and upload a news.


We hope you understood everything we tried to explain. Actually it’s not a deep information but at the beginning it’s all enough information to start to use app. This is all you must need to know before installing the app. In upcoming articles we will discuss each and every feature of Dailyhunt app and how to use it.

The best part of this app is to create your own channel and grow it. You can drive traffic to your website with the help of this app. Once the blogger start to know how to use this app for website traffic then they will move to use this app.

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