Loop band triceps workout exercise

How to use loop band for triceps workout

In this article we are going to learn how can we perform the triceps workout with loop bands. There are various ways to perform triceps workout like we perform with rope machines and dumbbell. But what is your gyms or workout center is closed. There are some people who have loop bands or some people who are in questions how to use loop bands for triceps? So without taking too much time here we go.

Loop band triceps workout

1. Push down triceps workout

  • One of the best workout to perform with loop band is push down triceps workout. We already know how to perform it with use of machine, but how would we use loop band for push down triceps workout? It’s not difficult as you think. Here are some tips to manage your form to perform this exercise.
  • You will need to use your both hands to perform this workout. One hand is for push down the loop band and one is for adjust the resistance of the band.

  • You can see in 1st form in the video, I used left hand to manage resistance and right hand to perform triceps workout for right hand.

  • How much high you away your left hand that much it will be hard to pull down the band. Perform this workout till you get the pressure at your triceps muscle.

  • This is what only about the right hand now it’s time to perform for left triceps muscle. All the procedure will go same the only difference is just about your hands.

  • You will just need to swap or exchange you hands, and remain will all the same.

2. Over head triceps extension

Over head triceps extension is good exercise for triceps muscles and also easy form to achieve. So we can also perform it with use of loop band. Here are some tips to perform it. There are lots of ways but we will cover it later with time. Now here are the form we will going to learn.

  • Over head extension workout performed from your backside. So it’s obvious that you will need to pull up the loop band from behind.
  • You will need something that hook up to pull up the band. So how about we use our own hands to hook it up? Yes, that’s right we can use our own hands to hook it up.
  • Grab your loop band behind your body, you can see the form at 2nd place in the video.
  • One hand must use to grab it down and other hand will perform the workout to pull it up. That will give you great pleasure of doing workout at home.

3. Curved push down triceps

We mostly perform this workout with ropes to push down ropes in curved angle. Same like this we are going to do it here right now, the only difference is there are ropes and here is loop band. So now lets think how would we utilize it to perform same workout.

  • First, hook it up this band in you underarm. Not both underarm at a time. If you are performing for right hand then you will need to hook it up in left under arms. If you want to perform for left hand then hook it up in right under arms.
  • Once you hook it up in you under arms. Your shoulders will act as main hook for this workout.
  • If you are grabbed it in your right underarms, you will push it down with left hand in curved angle. Like I did in 3rd place in video above.

4. Bent over triceps extension

This is just like we perform it with dumbbell or ropes. We simply bent our back to the front and do push down triceps workout.

  • Now we are going to learn how can we use loop band to perform the same exercise.
  • First, we are going to perform it for right hand, that means we will use our left hand as hook.
  • Hook the loop band in your left hand wrist. Put your left hand behind your head to get support during workout. Now bent your body, and pull it down. You can watch the form in 4th position in above video.
  • Then perform it same with other hand.

5. Bent over single hand cable over head

We just need to focus on the form and it’s adjustment to achieve perfect form.

  • Grab it in your hand, fold it double to get more resistance for exercise.
  • If you are performing for right hand then fold it on left hand and get support of your head.
  • Then simply bent yourself and try to push it to the front. This will be same like bent over cable overhead. You can watch the 5th position in the above video.

6. Single hand over head triceps extension

This is just like we did before in 2nd form of triceps in this article. We use both hands to perform overhead in previous way. But now we are going to learn the alternative way to perform the same.

  • If you are performing for right hand then hook up the loop band in left underarm.
  • Once you hooked it up just pull that band up with your right hand.
  • For left hand do the same as before but only change the hand position and underarms.

7. Rope cable over head

In this form, we will learn how to perform rope cable overhead with loop band. Actually we have already learnt it with single hand in bent form.

  • First, wear that loop band on your body, wear means you must be inside that loop band.
  • Get this loop band around your body. You just need to grab the loop points which are in front of your chest.
  • Get it over to your head and try to pull it up.
  • You can check the 7th position in video for better understanding.


This exercises will help you to utilize loop bands for triceps. These exercises are not limited for triceps. We can build more forms of loop band triceps workout. For now this is enough information for triceps. We will cover more topics later. You just need to be connected with us.

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