Pinterest for website traffic

How To Use Pinterest For Website Traffic

Pinterest is a platform where you can discover the ideas, recipes and tips. You can use pinterest to increase website traffic effectively. Lots of people have already been using this amazing platform and earning money.

In pinterest you have choice to create more account integrated in single account. In this case you just need to switch user to use different account. This is helpful feature that pinterest provides to users.

What is Pinterest?

Well, this all just start with this question what is Pinterest? In developed countries most of the people are aware of this platform and knew how to use it. We will explain you what basically Pinterest is.

Pinterest is a engine to find creative, tips, decorative, exercise, recipes, news etc. all are in visual way. Whatever you will find on Pinterest, it will be in visual form and after clicking on it you can read more about this idea.

You can save them to watch later, and create your own boards (Folders) to save them. It means you don’t have a need to go particular account to find same file again. Once you saved them in your Pinterest account board (Folder) then you are free to watch it whenever you want, but if user delete this file you will not able to see it in your board.

We can think that this information is enough for now to understand the basic use and concept of Pinterest. Now let’s move to the main use, how could you drive the traffic from Pinterest to your website of blog.

1. Create or switch to business account

In Pinterest you have option to use your account for learning purpose and entrepreneur purpose. This is actually depends on your use, how will you use it. But business account can help you in more ways than regular user account.

Let’s learn this, regular user account means you are just using Pinterest for learning or as a visitor or user etc. In business mode you are nothing but the information giver, now you are became a giver in Pinterest platform.

It’s easy to understand once you switch to business account, you can see the statistics of your account and all posts you published. This the biggest advantage of business account.

2. Create boards

Here boards means not a file or something else to publish, in Pinterest folders called as a boards. Board means all your menus, in board you can create more menus (sub menus).

This is just calling system in Pinterest so don’t be confused with this word board. You have a option to create board as a menus, create different types of boards as per your niche.

You can create multiple boards to make visitors easy to find whatever they looking on your account. This boards will give basic idea about your business.

3. Create pins

Now, what is pins? It’s as simple as boards. If boards are folders then pins are files. Pins are nothing but your main file whatever you published on it.

You can add links with your pins in order to redirect them to your main website and blog. Pins can be images, videos or direct link. In case of link you will asked to choose any of the images which that article have.

4. Create auto publish feature in bulk create pins option

In case you don’t have a time to create separate image or video for your pin, you can add feeds in your Pinterest account. This is one of the best  feature Pinterest have.

Pinterest will fetch your all post from your website and blog and directly add them in boards with featured image of your link. If you post any article on your blog then Pinterest add it by itself.

You just need to give feed path with your desire board, then that post will get visible on Pinterest.

5. Create attractive images

Pinterest is mainly design for visual representation of your ideas so it must to create attractive images that will took attention of visitors. If you just clicked and post images then you will only get disappoint and nothing.

There are already lots of users who are posting attractive images and receiving thousands of traffic by just single post. In image you can add text and whatever you want, it’s all part of your creativity.

6. Create short videos

In addition Pinterest have also option to post short videos to get attention of users. You have 1 min to to show whatever you have in your main post. That means if you want someone to go on your YouTube video then you can give basic idea with this short video.

This all means that you need to create and motivate visitors to click and go to your main website and blog. Besides you have option to create vertical videos also.

7. Add links to all pins

Remember all you are doing is to generate traffic to your website then don’t forget to add link in the column of add link in pin. Whenever you add new pin you have option to write title, description and link is optional.

It’s mandatory to give it a title and description and link is optional. So you can add same link again and again with different images and videos. This is very great idea to create more images mean marketing with different images for same target and purpose.

No matter how many images you add, you can add same link to motivate visitors to click on your post. Because only single way is not enough to fascinate visitors so go ahead with this trick.

8. Promote or run campaign

Like Facebook and Instagram, Pinterest also give you a option to promote your post and business account. That means you can pay money to reach your pins and account to maximum users.

At the beginning your pins will not get noticed by users, but later it can be. So if you are in haste and want more followers then you can run paid promotion which motivates users to follow you. But you should have some pins to encourage them to like your account.

Don’t run any campaign, if you have posted less than 50 pins, you may get followers but later they will left because of poor management of your account.


Pinterest is also one of the best option to boost your website traffic and it’s more engageable than FaceBook. You can see lots of users are posting images on Pinterest to fascinate users to follow them. Actually the truth is Pinterest is high profile visual search engine if your are just visitor on in no problem but if you are serious to use for for your business you need to be damn serious about it.

Most of the developed countries are using it frequently, that means the traffic you will get from here will also be high qualitative. Once your account started to get followers then there is no one can stop you on Pinterest.

Just keep consistency, don’t lose hope and try to create more attractive images and videos. Also remember there is not only one way so keep try and change your way of marketing over time.

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