Quora to increase website blog traffic

How To Use Quora To Increase Website Traffic

Quora is the best and most widely used platform to increase website traffic. If you want to improve your site visitors then Quora can help you better than other ways.

If you are new to blogging then you should know Quora is the best question and answer site and most widely used all over the world. If it’s so that means we can use Quora to increase traffic of your blog. There are several methods to use Quora site otherwise you will be to be blocked by Quora.

In this article we are gonna explain you how can you use Quora in perfect and legal way to boost your traffic for your blog or website. We would like to know you things which you should or shouldn’t do on Quora.

1. Don’t copy paste your article on Quora

There are lots of answers which are just copied and paste by other sites but it will harm you original site. Nowadays Quora is also being strict against copy content. If you just copied and paste answers from google source your answer most likely to get striked.

Remember everyone is working on their own blog and website for better user experience, in this case how does it feel to just copying someone’s information and just pasting on Quora! Yes, obvious it’s not good. We can give you some Ideas that can help you better.

2. Rewrite article and add source and references in article

If you own your article you can rewrite it on Quora and give reference link to learn more about it. This is the better and legal way to drive traffic from Quora to your website. You can copy or paste your answers if you owns this all information. But why would someone copy their whole information as it is if he want to drive traffic to his website.

You should have some basic idea about same question or you can write it in different manner the add “learn more or read more” button with outbound link.

3. Create Quora space

If you want to make more acceptable then you can create Quora space. If you don’t know about it then here is the basic idea: Quora space is nothing but create organisation or group like we created on Facebook. You can create space and add people to share more information.

Creating space is one of the good idea to make aware people about your website. In this you can also add your website link to introduce them more about your space. Remember space is more likely a kind of informative group where people can learn more about particular topic.

4. Publish articles in Quora space

Once you create Quora space, you can write whole article with adding questions. And these questions will be searchable on Quora. If someone search for it your question also be referred by Quora.

You can also add questions in your Quora space, that means if any question hasn’t been asked on Quora you can ask with add question option and that question represent your space.

5. Publish links on Quora space

Writing articles and asking questions are not the only ways to use Quora space. There is one best feature by Quora is to add your link directly as a post. If you have lots of members in your space then it would be so beneficial to add direct website post link in space.

Like we adding links on Facebook, whatsapp we can also add links as a new post in space. That will redirect visitors to your main site.

6. Ask questions frequently

You need to be frequent if you want to improve your engagement on Quora. Just coning once in a week and disappeared for 6 days will not help you to get noticed. Use some strategies and ask questions frequently.

If you want to add questions you should have answer for it, it’s not compulsory to have an answer but what’s the use of it then if it will not help you after all. If you have an answer for it already then you can add your link or answer in it to redirect people to your site.

7. Add your link along with question

This is very best practice to add your link with question. If you have an answer of any question you can ask on Quora and add your own site link. There are highly chances to have a link with every question asked on Quora. This link is nothing but the basic idea of asked question.

You can ask questions which are not yet been asked on Quora along with your own link. That can make visitors curious to know what is question about.

8. Share your Quora questions and answers on social media

Joining your all social media together can help users become more aware of your website and blog. Once people understand how frequently your are active and giving efforts for it then they will start to visit it seriously.

This all about engagement, the more engagement you create the more people would like to join it. Besides Quora is professional platform so if people started to recognize you on Quora then they will take it more serious your blog.


You can’t just share knowledge on Quora your all answers must be related to question. Don’t just try to put some length in your answers, on Quora length doesn’t matter but your easiness of answer.

In this case it’s not mandatory to write a long and lengthy paragraph, you should use some pictures to keep them engage with your answer.

As we explained, you can understand there is not only a way to drive traffic from Quora to website blog, there are several ways and you can use all of those as per your idea.

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