How to use reddit for website traffic

How To Use Reddit For Website Traffic

If you are new to Reddit social media and want to drive traffic to your website then you are at right place to learn everything. If you are not yet familiar with Reddit then keep up yourself till the last sentence of this article.

Every blogger is trying too hard to drive traffic to his website or blog to earn money online from various sources. Social media is one of the highly recognized way to generate traffic but the truth is very bitter and disappointing. The rate of website traffic generating by the social media is not that much satisfying.

You may have already noticed that ration of clicks you are getting on social media and that’s why you came here to generate more. Here is the one good news for every blogger is that Reddit is the most lowest bounce rate social media. That means you will have a greater chances to drive traffic to your website as compare to your visitors on that post.

We can take an example of Facebook that in 1000 visitors only 20-30 people will click on your link but on Reddit almost 150-200 people will click on your link.

So now we should move to the use of Reddit social media which every user should know. If you are beginner of professional doesn’t matter, it will gonna help you anyway.

1. Submit your article on community

Read that sentence again, we said community not communities. You are not allowed to share same article on multiple communities. Users can look over your profile to see your timeline, if they found you share same article on multiple communities then you will get permanently banned to participate in those communities. You can share your articles each and only one per community.

2. Share link on community

Again you can only share one link per one community. You can share multiple links on same community but you should not share these links to other communities. Reddit don’t allow users to just share links for traffic purpose. Communities want you to share knowledge for their members, they are not interested in your website until you provide them a real meaningful knowledge.

3. Don’t promote your own content

It’s one of the very strict rule of Reddit communities that you see not allowed to promote your own content. If someone found your content useful then they can share it because they don’t own it. Reddit thinks that if user sharing only his contents means he don’t have anything to do with the information but just want to generate traffic. You should promote and share valuable contents also which don’t belongs to you.

4. Post article on your profile

If you can share articles on communities so why not on your own profile. It’s not always possible that communities give approval to your article so in this case you can share it on your own profile. It will help your profile to become active. Don’t only think to share your content on communities, your own profile is very important to build trust get approval for your submissions.

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5. Submit links on your profile

Like article you can share links also on your profile. It’s not always possible to share links on other communities in this case you will have to share links on your own profile. But remember once you submit your link on your own profile then you can’t share this same link on other communities. And if you want then you have to first delete link from your profile then you can share it on any community.

6. Create community

You can create your own community and motivate users to join it and share their knowledge also. If you want users to share their information you can allow them or can restrict them also. It’s also a good idea to create community because most of the time users would like to join community rather than follow single account.

7. Embed links in your articles

You have a very great feature with article post that you can redirect users to your website page. You can motivate them to click on different articles which are mentioned in current article. But again be careful, you can add many links if you are planning to submit articles on your own profile or community. You are not allowed redirect any user if you are submitting articles on other communities. You will directly get banned to participate in that community.

8. Share videos

Sharing videos is one of the best and trustworthy way to get users attention to you. But you have to share useful video which really help users to gain knowledge. Your videos will get more attention of users and can build trust amongst them. You can just advertise yourself a bit in middle of the video.


Reddit is not yet that popular for time pass but it’s most popular as a helping community. Users love to use this social media to solve their problems sharing with other people. And that’s why they hate spamming people. If you get caught doing spamming you will get directly banned and yes it’s that much strict. This is the reason that time pass lover people can’t find it useful. But for those who are really looking for help will find it useful.

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