How to use signal messenger app

How to use signal messenger app?

If you are planning to install Signal messenger app or new user of it then here are the things you must know. We covered all the basic features of signal app user which everyone would have to use.

A few days ago WhatsApp changed its policy and terms conditions, taking the advantage of it signal messenger app jumped into market. Now the question arises here, how signal app is different and helpful than WhatsApp messenger?

It’s not the main question actually, there are already some messenger available like telegram and wechat so why would anyone use this app? In this article we will explain some a few basics reasons and features of this app.

Why people drove to signal app?

The first and main reason is privacy issues. Recently the information sharing between WhatsApp and Facebook was on the trend. Users accused Facebook for getting information from WhatsApp and its not secure anymore for private chats. If we look the main reason behind any messenger is that it’s security and privacy.

Fro few days we were seeing the WhatsApp chats of celebrities which they talking about drugs and all. As a common man we don’t afraid that much as celebrities but even common nan have privacy’s too. There were few messaging apps but not that much smooth as WhatsApp. Signal is almost mirror copy of WhatsApp with more security and privacy.

Yet we don’t have much experience about this but we would see later when number of users will increase.

Signal app is on the rank first on top charts, what’s is fifth and telegram is third. So we can assume how signal is becoming popular suddenly.

Download and set up

The first step is obviously to download this app. You can download on play store for Android users and App Store for Apple users. Once you download you should install it, after installation you just have to accept few terms and then need to submit your desired mobile number on which you want to drive signal app.

Once you submit the mobile number you will receive the verification code and put it on verification screen. Now you can add your profile picture and name and pin in order to make more secure your app.

If you want to use signal on desktop it’s very simple. Few things are like WhatsApp but it’s obvious in different ways. Here you need to go in signal setting > linked devices > link new device. Now your mobile phone camera will get on and scan the barcode which is showing in desktop screen. Now you all set to use signal on desktop.

How to send messages?

Sending messages is the main function of any messenger app and that’s why they made it as much easy as possible for users. On the top you can see the pen, click on it. Once you clicked it will show you numbers to whom send, choose the person and then you will be in private chat room with that particular person.

How to send images?

Click on the camera sigh on the right top. Now you can select or click image right away. Once you select the images you can edit it with text and cropping then click on right arrow button, finally you can choose the persons to send your image.

It may looks confusing but that’s very easy once you start to use this app daily. The procedure we have told is just for sending one or more pics to one or more than one persons.

Once you have a conversation with someone you can go in chat room and then free to send any message and images you want.

How to send videos?

Images and videos sending procedure is same. While sending images you need to choose image file other hand to send videos you need to choose video files.

With the help of camera sign you will need to choose video file from gallery or album. Remaining procedure is same.

How to create new group?

Like WhatsApp, signal private messenger also provides group features to add multiple users under on place. If you want to create group for gathering number of users in one roof then you should know the procedure.

First, you need to click on the camera sign on the top then it will show you signal users and above your contact list you will have three options, New group, Find phone number, Invite friends to signal.

Just click on the New group and now you can add members in your group and give a name to it. Besides you can send or invite users to join groups via links. You can also delete the group whenever you want.

How to change pin?

At the time of installing the app it asked us to type your new pin for signal app. If you want to change it, you can anytime. Here is the simple procedure to follow.

Click on your profile> privacy> change your pin. Now you can type pin in number form or have an option to choose alphabet also.


In this privacy based world people are most likely to choose more secure messengers. No one want to leak their information and chat to anyone, that’s why people can switch to signal private messenger app.

With increase in number of users complexity also increases, we can’t yet decide how much signal app is secure. With time, developer will improve the experience and security as well. For now it’s enough to have basic knowledge of this app.

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