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How To Use Whatsapp For Affiliate Marketing

You are doing Affiliate Marketing and want to make with whatsapp, so here are some best tips that can be helpful for you. If you don’t know the basic of Affiliate Marketing (AM) then how could you possibly use any social media for it.

We are considering here that you know what is AM and that’s why you are here to know the way to promote and earn more and more money with it. When it comes to make money so we can’t ignore the power of social media. There are lots of social media available but in this article we are gonna discuss about only whatsapp.

Remember we have already discussed about website need. In fact website is not mandatory for AM. You can check our related article to know more about it. Here we don’t want to distract you from the main topic, so let’s come to the main points whatsapp.

There are several ways to to promote your AM link on whatsapp and can earn good money from it. You should know how can you increase engagement and motivate your friends to visit it.

1. Whatsapp groups

Few years ago you were able to send messages to lots of people at a time, but to prevent spamming whatsapp allowed only 5 members to send any message at a time. So now in this case you have left only one way to send bulk message with help of groups.

You can use broadcast also but broadcast has it’s limitation. We will talk about it later in this article.

You should create some whatsapp groups and motivate your friends to join it to know about latest deals and offers. Remember you should first define the motive of your group and don’t add any post apart from your motive.

You can also join relatable groups from google but we can’t sure it would work or not. Add your friends and motivate them to add more friends who really like to buy and interested in your group.

2. Broadcast list

Creating broadcast list is also good idea, but it has its own limitations. Your messages will not received by the person who don’t saved your mobile number. That simply means you can’t send any messages to the person who you don’t know or forget to save your number.

Besides it’s too hard to save thousands of numbers and tell them to save your number either. Remember broadcast list is actually two way approval claim. If you want to send message to them, they also should have to save your number.

Somehow, if you can manage to save thousands of number like we did, then your broadcast list will work better than group responses. Because broadcasting messages is sending personally person to person. In this case there are highly chances to noticed your messages from the viewer.

3. Whatsapp status

Whatsapp status is more effective than any other way. It’s now totally depends on your whatsapp status viewer to click on given link or not. You should start to put some information and offers on whatsapp status that will help you to create your brand value and awareness of your motive.

You should plan some strategies to use status for viewers attention. That should motivate them to add their friends in your groups. Besides status can let your viewers that you are keeping yourself updated with new and upcoming offers.

4. Whatsapp business

Whatsapp business have some extra features than regular whatsapp. In this you can add your link to your bio that means people can understand what is the motive of your business with just visiting your profile.

You can add links and can set auto reply feature in case you are not available to reply them. Remaining you have all other features that already available in regular whatsapp so you can shift your number to business account.


Whatsapp strategies are mainly working on personal contacts. If you have given your mobile number to your business cards then you have a more chances to send your links to as much as people you can.

If you are at initial position then you need to be patience because without patience you can’t reach to last long destination.

Whatsapp marketing is the most trustable way to marketing your products, because it proves your existence. Once you proved your existence then they will start to believe in you. So don’t underestimate the power of whatsapp for Affiliate Marketing.

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