intense abs workout at home

Intense Abs Workout At Home

Abs is the sign of your fitness and physical strength. Intense abs workout is the fastest way to get abs. We can see that people having abs get more likes and attention from people. Because everyone knows that getting abs is damn hard.

There are lots of people who are fighting with their belly fat to reduce that situation. Looking over some people who have abs makes them wonder. It’s obvious to wonder because only belly fat fighters can understand the hard work behind getting abs.

If you want to get abs too then there are lots of ways for abs workout but remember results of abs workout also depends on how much you put in your hard work.

There are levels for abs workout from beginner to advanced. You can’t imagine how difficult it is to perform abs workout like advance does. You need to go step by step and need patience.

Abs is the middle portion of your body and it’s also the most difficult part to move. I am gonna show you some of the intense abs workouts to develop abs fast.

These all exercises called intense or hardcore either because it will apply intense pressure to your abs. So now let’s go and have a look how it performs.

Why should you do abs workout?

Abs workout is the exercise which can incorporate your whole body for movement. You can see that for abs workout you need to balance or move your body to put stress on it.

If you want to lose belly fat or weight then abs workout could be a better option to accomplish your weight loss goals. Your body shape is more likely to be considered with your abs. Your stomach related problems can be solved by it.

The excessive fat over your body can be reduced with abs workout easily. Hands and legs movements are needed to perform it that’s why these exercises can be considered to be cardio exercises.

Abs workout is a better alternative for running exercise. Running helps you to burn more calories and abs workout either.

Types of intense abs workout

Knee bent up and down

In this exercise you need to grab your bench tightly and the exercise form is the same like we do on the floor knee up exercise. This exercise is more difficult than the normal one because we need to perform its subsequent exercise.

First sequence is on the table and the second sequence is on the air. This will make your abs feel more stress and develop its core. And besides you continuously tend to hold your abs up.

  • Get lied down on table on your back
  • Hold it with your hands tightly
  • Raise your knee to your chest
  • After you reached your your chest kick up with both legs and get your abs up
  • That will make your body about 50 degree angle with bench
  • Now get your knee closer to chest and lied down your hip to table
  • Release your legs to initial position
  • Repeat this exercise till you feel stress at abs and 3 sets

Holding abs kick up

We have performed this exercise in previous one but there was a rest and combo of two exercises. Here you don’t get any rest because you need to keep your hip up in the air. This is a more intense workout for abs than before.

Remember while doing this exercise you are not allowed to touch your hip to the bench. How would you know you are doing it right or wrong? Very simple if you will sustain your lower body up during exercise that means you are doing right.

  • Your back should be on bench
  • Raise your knee to your chest get your hip up
  • Now kick up and hold your hip up
  • Kick up with your both legs simultaneously
  • Remember while you kicking don’t let your stance ruined

Abs holding up cycling

Till now we are just gonna perform exercises with similar action at both sides of the body. In this exercise we need to cycle but in the air. If you know about cycling exercise for abs.

I am not talking about road cycling, I am talking about abs workout cycling. Your elbows and knees need to be touched, isn’t it? We will apply the same phenomenon here but this is more difficult than normal cycling exercise. Normally we just kick and keep our body on the floor. Here we will ride a cycle in the air.

  • Forget the knee and elbows touch cycling
  • You need to hold your bench then you can’t able to move your hands
  • Get your abs up and keep your lower body in the air
  • Kick up your both legs but one at a time and keep hold your body up

Swimming legs

Yes, we are going to swim in the air but only lower body or legs. The main purpose of this exercise is to make it hard to keep your body up. The more hard to keep your body up the more stress there will be on abs.

This exercise will help to develop front and side abs because your body will tend to imbalance and you need to try it balanced well. Here are the steps you may understand well.

  • As usual our first step is to lift your lower body and keep your both legs up
  • Now you should move your legs like you are swimming in the water
  • This movement is important because it will make you to try hard to sustain your position

Tilt kick up

If we are going to lift up the difficulties this should be the next exercise. This is even more difficult than kicking up and swimming. If you have a look at the video you got of me tilting my body when I am kicking up for each leg.

This will help you to develop your side abs and front too. Your tilting angle depends on which leg you are gonna kick up. We have three kicks to complete one cycle of this exercise.

  • Once you lift your body and legs up
  • First have a knee to chest touch then kick up both legs
  • Again knee to chest touch and now you should only kick one leg. If you are kicking your right leg your body needs to be tilted at the left angle. Get your knee down
  • Now kick your left kick and tilt your body in the right angle. Get your knee closer to chest
  • Your both knees now closer to your chest. Kick both the legs and get knee closer to chest again
  • This is the whole one complete cycle

Weighted Russian twist

After completing the hardest exercises then now time comes down to the easy one. Now your abs are getting strong and still have some stress on it because you have completed all above abs exercises.

This is an easy exercise that’s why we added weight to make it more effective. You will have to do three complete crunches to complete the one cycle of it. This should be performed on the bench to move your body and get able to lift weight. Now here are the steps to complete the exercise.

  • Sit on the bench and get some weight on hands
  • Now get back down your body and lift it means simple crunch
  • Get back down again and lift your body with right angle twist
  • Once you back again lift your body and take left angle
  • This is what called one complete cycle of this exercise

Slow down legs

We incorporate this exercise to cool you down with power strokes to abs. In this exercise you don’t have a need to move your body so much instead you must go slow as much as you can.

There are two ways to stress your muscles: one is faster movements and second is slower movements, in both the way you will have intense pressure on abs.

  • Sleep on the bench and raise your legs up with your hip
  • Get the maximum level of your uplifting body stamina
  • Come down slowly slowly, don’t hitch your body otherwise you will lose pressure on abs that can get you more results.
  • Repeat this exercise at least 5-6 times and have 2 sets of it

How much time it will take to get abs

As you see the intensity of all the exercises, it will not take much time like other exercises take. Each and every exercise variation will directly hit your core that’s why it’s improving your strength and weight loss rate.

If you are looking for the required time then the answer is so easy. It totally depends on how much hard work you put for each and every exercise. If you perform all exercises then it will take maximum 1 month to develop your abs and core.

Watch over your eating routine, because there is only one thing that will matter the most is your eating routine. If you are eating garbage foods and working for abs then it would be war with your own self. Your one chemical will try to develop your abs and one will try to sabotage it’s path. You should be very clear and determined for this.

When should I perform these

What is your goal will decide the time and when to do it. If you are regularly exercising then you can do two of the abs exercises after you finished your workout. There is another way that if you can give one full day for abs workout then do all the exercises in max 40 min.

Your time limit will help you to go fast or do it in a given time. Taking so much time and having too much rest will not help you to get appropriate results. All the exercises to be done in a given time will be fine and enough to get work done by you.

The next question might be arrived at in time. When should I perform an abs workout if I will give it full time for it. Evening time would be better because all those exercises are very hard to perform.

In the morning you may not be able to push yourself hard that’s why evenings would be better. Morning or evening doesn’t matter as long as you push yourself hard.


Developing abs has never been too easy for any generation. You can look over bodybuilders, they even have belly fat. But losing belly fat is not just part of your bodybuilding. There are immense impressions on people if you develop your abs.

One more thing I would like to tell you is that abs need hard work. Your whole body can move easily so that’s not hard to make them broad. Abs can’t develop till you have some abs workout. If you can do these all exercises no one can stop you from getting your abs.

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