Manisha Dalit Women rape case

Is Manisha Valmiki A Dalit Rape Case or Women Rape Case?

Every news channel giving emphasis on Manisha Valmiki caste, but only few people know her real Religion and Caste. The crime was unforgivable.

When women get raped, we should not consider her religion or caste. We just need to consider as a human and victim who need to be get justice. Now we can see how politicians are taking an advantage of this rape case. We don’t think so they really care for rape victim, because if they really care then first they need to start from their own state.

Biography of Manisha Valmiki

Real name: Manisha Valmiki

Nationality from birth: Indian

Hometown: Uttar Pradesh, Hathras

Death reason: Gang raped

Age: 19 year

Religion: Humanity

Caste: Humanity

What is more important in this case?

Still we are seeing that, people are still consider her as a Dalit gorl but now one is mentioning her women. What do you think is more important in this case? Just let me know one answer from you. If she was a open or upper cast then wouldn’t you fight for her justice? If she was from another religion then situations were totally different.

Your protesting show off is just a play game for you, you come protest and then bring two beers and watching IPL. Where are your emotions in this? Nothing, it;s totally waste and for your own profit.

What if Manisha Valmiki wasn’t Dalit girl?

This is the most insane question we have, and looking for some appropriate answers from you. You can comment below and let us know your though. If it’s appropriate then we will approve your comments.

If she was from other caste and not helpful for News channel TRP then we wouldn’t able to know about this rape case. She was considered to be Dalit from News channel and that’s why we are getting introduce with her.

We should change our mind and consider all girls a women, because rape victim never consider herself with religion or caste during getting raped. Only media make diversion and lead you to wrong path. Now media making this rape as a trend then some fool people will start to target government and will protest on road. What’s now, media got another news from your protest.

Considering her Dalit will not help to justice

When people are trying to allege with religion and caste, people get divided and getting justice will turn more harder than before. If you will consider her as a Dalit then only Dalit community will take stand for her justice and few people from other caste will stand with them. But when you will start to consider rape victim as a women then people can take stand from other more communities.

Besides we know that money power does really matter so why are you all consider her as a Dalit. Take a stand like you would take for any women, not just for Dalit women. Every religion and caste have women and they must be treated as women not as a religion or caste object.

We hope you may understand that what message we are trying to convey you. We are all with Manisha Valmiki but as a women justice not for Dalit justice.

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