Time travel possible or not how why

Is Time Travel Possible Or Not How And Why

Everyone is curious to know about time travel if it exist or possible then how can we travel to time. You may have read lots of questions and theories related to time travel but you never got your definite answer. In this article we will show you how time travel possible and not.

To know the answer of this question you must have some background knowledge about it. There are lots of theories that proved time travel is possible but there is not any practical proof yet.

If we just gave the answer in yes or no, so it does not make any sense. Everyone wants practical example or explanation about time travel. We well explain you all aspect of time travel possibilities.

What is time?

To know possibilities about time travel you first need to understand what is time. In reality time does not exist we just made the equipment and references to measure the human life and day time. It convenience to us to measure the day with time span. In other words it just help us to work in time and live life according to laws.

In reality time does not exist so in that case time travel is not possible. There is no past, present and future it’s just all in our illusionary world. Going to the past that means you are rotating earth in opposite way and direction which is practically impossible.

Can we travel to past?

As we discussed earlier it’s not possible to go back in the time. Past is the biggest illusion and everyone have accepted this, because what happened one minute ago is also a part of past now. So how can you define what is past.

There is million parts in each time that means you can even divide 1 second in billion parts. For you 1 second is just 1 second but for some animals it means 1 year.

Can we travel to future?

Actually traveling to future is wrong word, we can’t travel in time. It’s not in your hands to go and stop whenever you want. You need to understand it in different words.

We can skip the time and woke up directly in future. That means you didn’t travel to future you just slept off and woke up after 1 year or may be after 10 year.

Coma state is the perfect example of future time travel, if someone got in to coma and woke up after 10 years. These 10 years is nothing but just 1 second for him. But he can’t go back to the time.

Is time travel possible with black hole?

Human is the animal who can anticipate the wrong possibilities to just feel happy and hopeful. Black hole is not a easy deal to handle time travel. As we say earlier, time does not exist so there is not any evidence that black hole can help to time travel.

It’s not yet revealed but our earth is also a black hole, we are stuck to the earth with its gravitational force like black hole. Only difference between black hole and earth is earth have shel and black hole doesn’t. There are possibly high chances that black holes could be future earth or it might already a billion years ago.

Why different planets have different time measurement?

This is the best thing to prove that time travel is not possible and time is nothing more than illusion. Just example of earth and jupiter. Earth whole day is 24 hours and Jupiter have only 10 hours day. If humans would be living on Jupiter that 24 hours would have divided according to planet Jupiter. If we would spend 10 years on year it would be almost 20 years on Jupiter.

This is nothing but just conversion of units to understand the time like we converting the dollars in to rupees. So this time measurement would look like time travel but it’s nothing more than time illusion. Our mind defines the time not time itself.

Why clocks are running faster and slower in space?

It’s all about electronics and physical movement of clock. If you will use analog watch in the space it would run faster than on earth, because of less gravitational force. Gravitation force is not only affects concrete things.

Gravitational force also affects on light that’s why our bulb and light equipments have range otherwise only one bulb is enough to lighten up the earth. There are some pranks being played on earth to just give positive hopes to humans.

So it’s not wondering that why clocks are working differently in space. You just need to think practically then you can understand it and found there is no wonder of it.

Your replication is not possible

If you go to the past how could you meet yourself, and if you met yourself so who you are now? You are actually proving that you don’t exist at all. And if you go to the future then what would you have been till time. You are nothing but dead once you travelling to future. It’s quite complicated to explain.

Take an example, if I entered in machine to travel in future, tha means everything would happen without me. So eventually it’s nothing but deep sleep state like Captain America. Actually Captain America did travel the time about 66 years that simply means he skip the time nothing more than that.

If you go to the past you would meet yourself and when you came to your timeline you should meet yourself again who do you met in the past. So again time travel is not possible.

How can we skip time?

We can do it with slow aging factor. Slow aging means you need to think slow as well. If you start thinking slow you can found this world going fast and if you start to think fast you would find time is running slow.

As time is biggest illusion hence it proved. Just imagine if you  are think the same as I think twice faster than you that means I you are running slow and I am running fast.

Time travel is mind game, someone need to control your mind and make it slower or faster in order to control time. But this is only applicable to humans not to the animals. Because for animals time does not exist.


It’s final conclusion that time is just illusion and if you want to travel in time it should also be illusionary but not real. You can define time and change time according to human mind.

Entering in different time line means entering in different world. you can even see the future and past time on earth also. Developed countries are nothing but future of under development countries.

If you want to go in the past you should visit the countries which are not yet developed as your country. At the end it’s big “no” to concept of time travel. It’s not possible in any way but don’t mistaken yourself with time skip and time travel. Time skipping is possible but time travel is not possible.

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