Its my life cover sri lankan sadaru sathsara

Its My Life Sri Lankan Version Sandaru Sathsara Cover Viral Video

Sri Lankan Version Of Its My Life Bon Jovi song covered by Sandaru Sathsara. On 12 March social media get trending with world famous song it’s my life but with another singer.

In this article we are going to tell you and will show you the song. As we know that it’s my life is evergreen song and people still love to listen this song. Here we got the best cover song of it, even though it is funny but still audience love to listen this.

After few days of this song, lots of memers and individual started to use this song for background music. We are not allowed to share any of the meme but if you are daily user of social media then you would probably encounter this song very soon.

One of the biggest misunderstanding among people is that he is Indian. No, he is not Indian he is Sri Lankan. We are not trying to divide people but we just want you to know the real information. Because in humanity citizenship doesn’t matter only love matters.

Here is the covered song of it’s my life by Sandaru Sathsara

The best way to appreciate the work of anyone is to share it with your friends. We know that your friends also would like to watch this song because he put very nice expressions in it.

This song is being funny and entertaining as well, we can see he is not only making a parody but we soft and funny voice he is still able to put rhythm in this song. This is actually a part of talent also, he is making soft parody without disturbing the enjoyment in the song.

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