Kite carried boy and fell down indonesia

Kite Carried Boy 30 Feet Video fell down In Indonesia

Kite carried a boy off the ground and fell down from about 40 feet. The boy lifted in the air and felt down in crowd. This shocking incident shot on camera.

12 years boy participated in the kite function held by the school organisation. At the first everyone were playing and watching the happiest atmosphere. But later one child who is 12 years old carried his giant kite to play with it and present his skills. Crowd around him was enthusiastic to feel that amazing moment but no one knows what would happen later.

From the source, this accident happened at Pringsewu Regency in Indonesia. This functions are not new in Indonesia, on special occasion there are always be these kind of occasions organised by organisers. This function were organised by school and native people.

In above video we can see the footage of this horrible accident. The crowd was in fear and screaming all the way. We can see the fears reactions of the crowd.

After boy fell down on ground in crowd, he rushed to hospital and confirmed that he had some serious factors. His arm is broken and almost have 6 fractures with this accident. We will be discharged very soon once the major injuries get cured.

At the end we can’t blame anyone for this incident even that bay. It’s not understandable for 12 year boy what would be happened if he had hung with kite. But we should be aware and don’t let children to play with giant kites.

Giant kites obviously have strength to lift humans in the air, so it’s better to take responsibility and give some knowledge to our childrens.

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