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Laxmi Bomb Fear Of Dislike | Like Dislike Is Not Visible

Akshay Kumar featuring movie Laxmi Bomb trailer is released on YouTube. People are watching this trailer and having eyes on Like or Dislike views. But Fox Star Hindi and DisneyPlus Hotstar disabled the views of like or dislike on this trailer.

What might be the reason behind disabling this feature? DisneyPlus Hotstar already seen the public love with the trailer of movie Sadak 2. Sadak 2 is the most disliked video in India till now, we hope it will be the top in the world very soon. People are not showing interest in Bollywood movies, it’s not only because of their nepotism but now everyone realized that Bollywood does not deserved that much love.

Bollywood doesn’t make new movies with their own concepts, they just copy scripting from somewhere and make it worse and then release it. Besides, Akshay Kumar has uploaded video on Twitter in favor of the Bollywood drugs case.

Laxmi bomb like dislike disable

Here you can DisneyPlus Hotstar disable the views of like and dislike. Now it’s completely proved they are now scared of the union of common people.  

Laxmi bomb like dislike disable 3

Here is the view of Fox Star Hindi YouTube channel

Laxmi bomb like dislike disable 5

This can prove that dislike must be higher than like that’s why they are hiding it.

Here is the trailer of Laxmi Bomb Movie

It’s more likely the same as the south movie Kanchana. If you haven’t watched a Kanchana movie then you are still a kid and need to watch pogo. Kanchana is a well known and famous horror comedy movie. If you watched it then you will not get surprised with the Laxmi Bomb movie trailer. If you haven’t watched the Kanchana movie then only you may like the Laxmi Bomb trailer.

Movie will directly release on DisneyPlus Hotstar the only we can review this movie.

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