Laxmi Bomb critics memes

Laxmi Bomb Negative Critics And Memes On Copied Movie

After the Laxmi Bomb trailer released on YouTube DisneyPlus Hotstar is being afraid of dislikes, they already hide the disliked views of the movie. People are continuously making fun of it, there is no difference between Kanchana and Laxmi Bomb movies.

Kanchana is an all time successful south movie with a well plot, acting and storyline. If you already watched Kanchana then you don’t need to watch the Laxmi Bomb movie because Kanchana would be better than Laxmi Bomb.

Besides, DisneyPlus Hotstar encourages people to dislike video and hide the dislike views on video. Here are some of the memes or negative critics of Laxmi Bomb movie.

The main reason to dislike this movie is the Bollywood copy agenda. There is not a single new concept Bollywood owns yet. You can watch Bollywood previous movies and they are almost copied from somewhere.

Actually Bollywood is more rely on Tollywood, Hollywood, South korean, etc. Because Bollywood can’t make any new movies until other movie industries don’t make any. So that proves Bollywood is mainly running on sympathy not on talent.

Here are some memes that can make you laugh. Akshay Kumar showing to boycott his Movie, ha ha ha what a funny way to show boycott

laxmi bomb memes

Bollywood hide the like dislike views, so much fun

laxmi bomb memes

This is the current situation of Bollywood, they are all in fear now to release movies.

laxmi bomb memes

These memes are really funny and realistic either. All the memes are related to those who already watched Kanchana movies.

This movie may have positive critics because of only Akshay Kumar. People truly love Akshay Kumar but he recently uploaded a video on twitter and tried to defend some Bollywood actors. This dislike may be the outcome of his recent social video.

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