Laxmii movie review by Taran Adarsh

Laxmii Movie Review : Waste Of Time Just Go Watch Kanchana

Laxmii movie reviews by audience and Taran Adarsh.The most awaiting movie has been released on 9 November at 7:02PM. As Though it was most awaiting movie for Akshay Kumar sir fans so everyone was waiting for it.

Laxmii movie had been lots of trouble before get releasing but at the end movie is enough worth to watch. Even though people are boycotting this movie audience was excited to watch this movie but it failed.

The storyline and acting is not that good as expected from movie makers. If you have already watched movie Kanchana then you would probably skip to watch this movie in middle of time. So if you haven’t watched Kanchana movie then you are most welcome to watch Laxmii movie. But no worries you can watch Kanchana after it because Kanchana movie has better plot and acting by all cast.

In compare of Kanchana movie Laxmii still not get even near to original. Still Kanchana is best version of this movie and you can watch it free on YouTube.

The only positive point of this movie is that full filling the message of respecting to transgender community. There is no doubt that this movie is giving proper message to respect transgender community, but we can see it more better in Kanchana either.

There are lots of points were Lamxii movie disappoints audience but then you will allege that we are haters of Akshay Kumar sir ha ha ha lol. If you really want to watch this movie you need to forgot Kanchana movie from your mind.

Besides Akshay Kumar sir acting is not that well as expected from this movie. All the scenes looked like deliberately performed by Akshay sir without his permission. Akshay Kumar sir failed to impress their fans with this role, but we know Akshay sir will blow up the audience with his next movie.

We would like to show you some reviews and most importantly by Taran Adarsh.

“Lack the punch, it clearly disappoints… “, he tweeted.

“Lacks the impact of the original [#Kanchana]… #AkshayKumar in terrific form, but weak screenwriting + forced comedy are downers… Gathers momentum in concluding portions… Expected so much more!”, he added.

We hope you got your answers with this article, we didn’t meant to disappointment you but it’s truth and need to believe it. If you are supporting this movie just because of Akshay Kumar sir that means you definitely don’t have good taste of movies. Movies should be watched because of it’s storyline, screening, direction,actor play, etc. Unfortunately this movie is full of missing this important parts.

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