Legs butt exercises variations

Legs And Butt Exercises 8 Variation

Legs are the base of our body we can’t even stand without it. we must know the legs and butt exercises without equipment and weights. If we think about legs then it would be incomplete body part, because our lower body part incorporates mainly legs and butt. If you want to develop your butts then it will only look good if you have strong legs. So this lower body muscles are actually supporting to each other to look good.
In this article we are gonna see the best exercise variations to develop thighs and butts.

Reverse lunge drive

Reverse lunge drive is very useful exercise to stretch your butt muscles and boost your thighs strength. If you watch in first video you can see your knee get up to your chest and go back to lunge position. Your butt muscles get stretch when you lift your knee to chest after that you directly goes to lunge position and it will strength your both thighs muscles and butt also.
  • Stand straight with up your chest.
  • Rise your left leg with bent your knee towards your chest.
  • Now, get your leg behind your body and be in your left knee to floor and right leg bent. This we can called lunge stance.
  • Get to your initial position. Do one squat, now it’s turn to do with other leg.
  • Perform the same exercise as we did for left leg.

Lateral squats

Lateral squats are like normal squats but it would be perform with three different angle. These three angles include single squats. If you perform squat to initial position, then do it with right and then left. Come again to initial position. Later squats will help you to shape your glute. Your butt will only look good if it’s have round shaped glute. Lateral squate ultimately help to improve legs strength and round your butt.
  • Stand straight with chest up and normal distance in your legs.
  • Do single squat, now turn right with only right leg.
  • Have a squat, get in your initial position. Again squat.
  • Now, turn left. Have a squat and come to your initial position.
  • Repeat above steps for 10 reps and 3 sets.

Standing knee bent slide squats

In this exercise you need to maintain proper balance. Because your more of the portion will cover in only one leg. This exercise will help you to stretch your butt and then boost strength of your legs. Also remember the more reps you do better the result will be. These exercise will stretch your muscle mass of butt and help you to increase your butt.
  • Standing in initial position, head to straight up.
  • Now, rise your right leg with bent your knee to opposite side of your right leg.
  • Slide your right leg with keep it at up direction. After you fully slide to right you can directly perform squat.
  • Reaper the same movement for the leg right but in opposite way.
  • You can perform its 15 reps and 3 sets.

Wide and sumo squats

Wide and sumo squats, we know about wide squats and sumo squats. We are simply combining these two exercises with each other. This is not hard to understand it, we are going to do it in alternative way. Once we perform wide squat then we will have sumo squat. To increase the size of your butt your legs must be wide to stretch the muscles wide. Sumo will help to boost strength of legs and wide squats will help to increase butt.
  • Spread your legs in wide angle.
  • Your toes are must in front direction with your legs. Perform squat, stand up.
  • Now, change the angle of your toes around 90 degrees. Perform sumo squat.
  • This exercise really help your leg muscle.

Reverse lunge kick

Reverse lung kick is basically for butt shape. This exercise will help your butt to turn round and tight. The more you kick back the more your butt will get tighten. If you are facing to maintain balance you can use support wall, bench or stools. You can see in the above video how did I use the stool to maintain my body balance.
  • Now stand straight on your legs.
  • Like we did before in first exercise like rise your right leg with bent your knee.
  • Kick back it as much as you can. The more you kick back up the more better the result.
  • Alternate your leg one by one.
  • Perform it’s 15 reps and 3 sets.

One knee up slow down

This exercise will give you a very nice pressure on your thighs. You need perform it with alternate leg way. This exercise will tends to hold your whole body weight in your single leg. It’s obvious that will help to boost strength of your thighs muscles.
  • Rise your right leg with bent knee as much as you can.
  • After rise your leg hold it up and try to perform squat on one leg.
  • Get down slowly slowly and then down your right leg to get support.
  • Perform this same for left leg. This exercise mainly focus on thighs muscles.

Sumo walk

Sumo walk is one of the best exercise to stretch your leg to butt muscle. It will boost your legs strength and help to stretch your butt muscles. This walk is so easy and perform just like a sumo use to walk. We already know that how sumo stands and how they squat in sumo position. This is not only thing sumo can do, they can even walk and jump either in sumo stance. We are gonna use their stance to perform this exercise.

  • Stand in sumo stance. Your legs must be in wide position angle.
  • Rise your right leg in front direction, like you are walking. Then rise your left leg in front direction.
  • You should keep walk until you complete at least 4 steps.
  • Now, you are ready to step back again to your initial position.
  • Perform this exercise till you complete 10 steps by single leg.
  • You must have it’s total 20 reps and 3 sets.

Jumping squat

Jumping squat is now very popular to increase the result of ordinary squats. You will get the result of all simple squat with jumping squat, but jumping squat help you to burn more calories. Jumping always help you to improve your exercise stamina and strength of your leg muscles. In squat your thigh only get worked, in jumping squat your whole lower portion will get worked. It will cover you from toe to your hip, what you more expect from your lower body. Remember, it not man to forget your regular squat because with squats you can’t improve your jumping squat stamina.

  • Stand up straight, maintain normal distance between your legs.
  • It time to squat, when you are getting up you should jump.
  • While landing without taking any pause you need to perform squat.
  • Again, jump and perform squat while landing.
  • Repeat this exercise for at least 10 reps.
  • 10 reps are enough with 3 sets.


These all exercise variations will help you to lift your butt and make your thighs strong. Only having good butts are not enough if you can’t lift it very well with your thighs. That’s why we focused on thighs with butt exercises. If you have strong legs then you must have good butt this is vice-versa phenomenon. Very important thing with exercises is to maintain good nutrition to your body to get better results of your legs and butt exercises. We hope that will help you to develop your butt and thighs. Keep in touch with us for next valuable health and fitness tips.

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