Lower back pain exercise

Lower back pain simple exercises

Lower back pain is one of the stubborn pain for every individual. There are lots of people who are facing this problem in every age. The people who exercise daily even facing pain with lower back. Because your all exercises need your back spine to lift the weight so in this case you also need to do exercises for your back pain.

In this article we are introducing you with some of the stretching exercises to reduce your back pain. You can perform it everyday in the morning or evening.

Knee to chest

As we always say that your flexibility is the key to reduce your lower back pain. Chest to knee is in of the best exercise to get rid of back pain. It includes back with your legs stretching that can prevent you from cramps. If you can move your legs easily then you can perform number of stretching exercises. Your legs always plays very important part for flexibility exercises. In chest to knee exercise you lower back or side back get stretch. You lower inner bent will forced in opposite angle during this exercise. It help to become more flexible.
  • Get sleep on your back on the floor
  • Keep your legs straight
  • Now, rise your right leg and fold it and try to touch your knee to your chest. You can use your hands to pull your legs
  • Hold your knee to your chest for 10 second. Release it
  • Try to touch your left knee to your chest. Hold it for again 10 seconds
  • Repeat this for 10 times and 3 sets

Baby pose

This back pain exercise is very helpful to relax your spine. Whenever we stand or sit in our normal position our lower back never in straight way. It has been curved inside. This is not wrong phenomena to stand or sit, but with time your body will start to feel gap between your hip and upper back while you sleeping. The most disadvantages of that curved spine is that you can’t load maximum weight with it or may be broke. So on that case we are not saying that your spine must be straight but living in only one position might be dangerous whenever you try to change your posture. This this lower back baby stretching will help you to relax spine. The method or steps to perform baby pose stretching is very easy.
  • Get in dog position. Get your hip back and touch your hip to your foot with lower back stretch.
  • Get to dog position slowly. Repeat the procedure again. Remember whenever you get your hip back your head must touch to floor.

Cat dog position

This stretching called cat dog position, because whenever you change the stretching pose it would become like cat and then dog. It’s not hard though and very effective for back pain. This exercise will focus on your lower back that’s why it’s important to perform. Besides it’s very easy and don’t need any suggestions and many corrections to do it. Just remember dog position means you are in dog position and your back is bent to down side. And in cat position your lower back bent in up side. We usually see the difference between the stance position of dog and cat. Dogs usually stand with lower back bent down and carts are in opposite manner.
  • Get in dog position. Now, slowly bent your back down.
  • Now, bent your back up. Wait and hold.
  • You must hold for 5 sec for each bent.
  • Repeat this exercise for 15 times and have 4-5 sets.

Seated spine rotation

Seated spine rotation can make your lower back flexible. Your body flexibility is more important to reduce any joint pain. We are facing joint pain be a our body is not that much flexible that it should be. We lessen our work and increases sitting time for leisure. But what is the use of this leisure if it would be painful in future.
Seated spine rotation relaxed your core spine and also help to relax your muscles around lower back.
  • First, seat on floor. Make your both legs relax ahead of you.
  • Now, rise your right leg and put crossed to your right leg with knee up bent.
  • It’s become easy to rotate for you. You should try to rotate your body in the left direction. Hold it for 15 sec.
  • You can change the position Noelle, in opposite direction. Perform same as above but in opposite direction.
  • If you feel difficulties to understand you can watch video above.

Pelvic Bridge

Don’t get confused between pelvic bridge and glute bridge. In glute bridge we need to lift our hip to top. In pelvic bridge we actually just rise hip slightly to just straighten up lower spine. It is the best exercise I always doing whenever I am in sleeping position. This exercise don’t need any specific time to perform you can do it any time. The more you do this exercise the more relieve you may have to your lower back.
  • You should lie on your back on the floor
  • Fold your legs with bent knees
  • Now, try to lift your hip portion and keep down your stomach down
  • You will feel the pressure on your abs and lower back.
  • Abs pressure is just indication of your correct form. In this exercise abs have nothing to do expect correction of your form.

Spine cobra stretch

Spinal cobra is very effective with multiple advantages. Cobra stretch is very recommended in yoga exercises. It will help you to flex your spine and increase the maximum stretching limit. Just think that if you have increased your stretching limit that means the load you get before is now easy to handle. Cobra stretching have so many advantages in that it also help to reduce lower back pain.
  • Lie on the floor in your front side body. Now let be relaxed for 10 seconds.
  • Slowly rise your head up with help of your hands. How much you rises up is not important but how much your lower spine get bent is very important.
  • When you reached your maximum bending capacity stop and hold your position for at least 10 sec.
  • Get to your normal position. Rest for 10 sec. Rise your head again.
  • Repeat all the actions for 5-7 times.

Sleeping spine rotation

This name shows the position of this exercise. It some kind of same as seated spine rotation. The only difference between them is there position. We first perform spine rotation in seated position, now we are gonna perform it with sleeping position. The results by this two exercises almost same, but the target angle get slightly chance because of position. When you perform seated spine rotation your lower body get all weight on it, and when you are in sleeping position your whole body in relax mode. So results could be same but targeted angle would be different.
  • Sleep on your back on the floor.
  • Fold your both legs with bent knee.
  • Now, try to rotate your both legs to same side.
  • In our case we first rotate to left side, hold it for 10 sec.
  • Change the position and rotate your legs to right side. Again hold it for 10 sec.
  • Repeat it for 5 times and 3 sets.

Cross hand leg rises

This exercise you also called as bird fly. In this exercise you need to rise your one hand and it’s opposite leg. That means it’s obvious you can’t perform it with standing position. You need to perform it in dog position. You lower back will bent with your leg rises and make you feel to relief there. The perfection and balance is also a very important factor to consider. We can turn now how to perform it.
  • Get in dog position. Now, rise your right hand up front to your head. And rise kick your left leg back.
  • Now, rise up your left hand and opposite leg kick back.
  • Repeat it’s 10 time per one side.

Joint feet bow

Joint feet bow stretching will not help you to stretch your back but with it you could not perform other stretching well. You must know that your all stretching exercises are strongly depends on your flexibility and joint feet bow is very effective to make your overall lower body flexible.

We are not just covering the stretching exercises because what does it use if you can’t able to perform it. That’s why we incorporate it along with stretching exercises. Your flexibility is the key and joint feet bow is the key for flexibility, so how could we forget it to introduce it.

  • Join your both feet together in seating position.
  • Try to touch your head to the ground
  • Hold it for 10 sec and get back to initial position
  • Repeat all these for 10 times and 3 sets


We all know that our lower back pain have more chances to give us a trouble. Even we can see very fit people but with lower back pain. While lifting weight they carry load with their lower back spine. It’s not their fault because you can’t lift weights without your lower spine. But what we can do is the exercise to prevent that pain. Exercise is always a solution for your health pain or problems. Stay connected with us because we will still provide lots of solutions on all health and fitness topics.

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