Man attacks women iran bad hijab

Man Kicks Woman Because Her Hairs Were Visible

That shows how much there would be a respect for women. In Iran a woman just walking on the road and one guy follow her and abused her. You can watch in the below video that man started to slap and kick her because he saw her hairs. This is so bullshit.

I mean who the hell told you to see her hairs, if you have problem then you should not see. Who given you a right to follow and attack her? This is not the first case in Iran, there are plenty of cases but their laws are more likely supportive to men not women.

After watching this video lots of women were complaint about this misbehavior they faced. But what can you do if your mind is already slaved with incomplete knowledge of religion. Women are still not get being treated well in Iran. It’s obvious that there are lots of country their women facing issues but this is the another level of insulting.

In Iran women can’t live their life as they want, you always need to follow rules. What kind of dress, your hair style, where can you sit this is all restricted to women.

What make it more worst? Men are free to wear anything and can do anything they want but women can’t. The woman just get attacked because the man crossing her on the side walk seen her hair and got angry.

Here you can see the video how man respect that woman

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