Firestick game with private part accident china

Man Plays Fire With His Private Part And Burn His | Watch Video

A man was showing fire show on stage, he was stabbing firestick to his private part and accidently his trick got revealed. The situation was somewhat in control but later on became deteriorate.

There are lots of fire shows plays in China and they are well famous also. Here we have got one video that will shock you and may be make you to laugh. In the both cases video is serious and funny too.

The man was showing his tricks with firestick and throwing high in the air. Entertainer was showing them how much he is familiar with fire and handling it easily. Everything was going fine and well till he got overconfident about himself.

That was really shocking that how can someone passed the firestick through wore pant. It’s quite impossible for common man to do this. But you should not try this your own without practice and safety.

Here is the video of full accident and you would understand it in better way. This kind of shows usually plays in China and there is demand for it a lot.

Without any doubt that was dangerous for owner and funny situation for audience. He was stabbing that firestick to his private part and showing his courage. But may be he had hold it for a long time that’s why his pant got caught in fire.

We can heard the voices of audience who were enjoying this show and later became serious and then laugh. This accident got caught in mobile video shooting and going viral on the internet.

Later on, he tried to extinguished it but he was being reckless to take more efforts and fire continue to splash. We can see that man running back side of the stage.

At the beginning everyone was sure that fire would be wipe but later what happened was dangerous and hilarious too. They should have kept fire extinguisher or water cans to take control over this kind of incidents.

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