Manisha Valmiki

Manisha Valmiki Died Because Of 4 Madarchod Boys

19 years old Manisha Valmiki died on 29th Sept. So what was the reason behind death? Was it a car accident or because of disease?

No, reason behind death is so normal it was just rape noting more. Does this sound good to you? Because you would not care of any rape victim until one of your family member will get raped. It’s in human nature to ignore all crimes until it’s happen to you. When you suffer the same pain, no one will be there to support you. And you should not expect that help because you were reckless for other.

She was brutally tortured by 4 boys, sorry this word does not suit them. She was brutally tortured by 4 Madarchod boys. But they didn’t stop there, she had to survive with cutting her tongue and broken spine.

As NDTV report all 4 Madarchod boys are in jail and charged for murder case.

Was she dalit? It doesn’t matter for us which cast belongs to her because we consider all women equally. If you want to know was she dalit or upper cast, you better visit other news sites.

Here are some true and bitter words for Indian society.

How many people are here who only show their Chutipaya for cricket? Today we will see how many people are supporting this innocent girl for justice.

We know that you are not interested in these topics but you will realize when the same situation comes to you. We have seen there are lots of people who is sharing everyday status of IPL, but when time comes to be unite for rape justice no one will be there (MC BC people).

This is not the question about rich and poor people, but it’s everyone’s responsibility to take action against such crime.

We know most of the boys are Madarchod but we feel really bad when women also not support women for justice. Remember it’s not a regular crime. It’s brutal rape and murder.

How much you show unity for cricket, at least you just show 10% unity against such crime then look at the change in society. Rape crimes will decrease drastically.

Don’t blame the government, the only person should be blamed is you. Because you all were unite, you made government to make strict law against rape.

But what is the use of telling you that, you go and watch today’s IPL match. What is rape, it’s regular thing. By the way cricket is also regular but you find fun there.

It’s fun to support cricket but there is no fun to talk in favor of rape victims.

Go go and watch who will score more and century in today’s match.

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