Muslim Girl With Hindu Male Friend Is Crime | Mumbai Urdu News Paper

According to the Mumbai Urdu News paper, Muslim boys can have Hindu female friends but Muslim girls shouldn’t have Hindu male friends. Recent news article printed in India.

Yes, it’s printed in India where anyone can express their thoughts to everyone, where cycle driver can ask question to pilot, etc. The motive behind that sentence is to just express the freedom of living bein in India not to hurt anyone.

The most argued religion all over the world keep trying to impose Sharia law in India. It’s already known that Sharia law is not useful for India but their blindness made them to insult their own religion. According to Sharia law Muslims have major rights over all religion because Islam is the only religion of truth. It’s only a myth which they believe, because reality have opposite facts.

In this article we are going to give you an example of their real fact, what they believe and what they practically acts. This article is belongs to Ishwar Sharma and Shabnam Shaikh. Both are bloggers on YouTube and running their own channels.

Shabnam Shaikh is a Muslim girl who have a Hindu male friend and they are very supportive to each other. There are a lots of posts you can see on their social media but recently they are getting the sight of haters.

I don’t know but 98% of haters belongs to Islam community and trying to prove how much Islam respect other religion with their oppose to them. There are lots of examples in which Hindu girls having a Muslim Male friends and it’s all fine according to Sharia Law but not vice versa.

If Muslim Girls making a Hindu male friends that means she is insulting Islam, I don’t know who made this rule but that is one of the disgusting rule I have ever heard in my life. There are thousands of examples where Hindu girls have a Muslim male friends but non of the Muslims ever oppose them. Actually they supports Muslim boys to make more Hindu female friends.

We have an picture of article where you can see how Mumbai Urdu News paper trying to impose Sharia law in India. And how they interfere in personal life, who gave them a rights to decide who should become friend with whom. That doesn’t make sense, in India we have a rights to live as we want.

Ishwar and Shabnam News

For your information Ishwar and Shabnam are not spreading any hate they actually the real example of unity. But Muslims (I am using word Muslim because it’s openly written in Urdu language news paper and we all know who are the buyers) are spreading hate and trying to defame their image.

Why religion is the matter here? Because if Ishwar were a Muslim boy then Muslim community would not have raised the voice against him, but Ishwar is Hindu and that is the cause of matter. But unfortunately people will say, don’t target any religion but how should we ignore the religion if the crime have been done as basis of religion.

However, we are in support of Ishwar and Shabnam. We love you and keep going on towards your goal. You are not doing any crime and not doing anything against humanity.

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  1. Ohh.. my gf is Muslim.. there is no issue like that.. i think this news paper want people focus on there News Paper..So he Printed this type of News..
    so Don’t worry and Mumbai is the safest City in india.

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