Muslim girls sex slave taliban afganis

Muslim Girls Became Sex Slaves For Islamic Terrorist Organization Talibani Fighters

As we all know there is war happening between Afghanistan and Islamic Terrorist Organization (Taliban). Taliban issued a order to make list of unmarried women to have sex with Talibani fighters.

Now Talibani can use women as their slaves and play with them. Talibani Terrorist Muslims owned those women and can use them for sex, entertainment and to give birth to increase the population of Talibani Muslim Terrorists.

In other hand all Muslim countries have no issues with this torture and human rights violence because they support all Muslims even they are good or evil. Taliban is continuously capturing the lands of Afghanistan and applying the rules forcefully as they believe in Islam.

According to Taliban Islam they can have a rights on those women which they have conquered in war. There is no shame to rape a women if you won a war, so with this Islamic Talibani believe they ordered to make list of all women between range of 12 to 45.

It’s obvious you can’t have a sex with a women who is below 12 and above 45 age. Now Taliban will have a real experience of 72 Hoora, but what is the use of 57 Islamic countries if they can’t help innocent women.

The question is; why should other Islamic countries interfere in this matter. Reason is obvious there is special world organization of 57 Islamic countries who always fight for Muslim rights in the world. But this rights only applicable when conflict happened between Muslim and Non Muslim, that means Muslims can rape Muslims but Non Muslim can’t rape Muslim (According to Islamic organization).

Back in the day we have witnessed the foolishness of Muslims in entire world. Paris, France, etc (You can count all countries except those countries who don’t allow Islam). In previous day’s we have seen how all Muslims were united against France but no Muslim were support in that victim teacher. We saw how all Islamic countries were supporting that terrorist killer and urging to kill those people who don’t believe in Islam.

Entire world is witnessed the cheap mentality of Islamic countries and now we can see how they all ignoring the Taliban and Afghanistan war. Turkey always take initiative when it comes to Muslim rights but now we can see they are being silent because all war is happening between Afghanistan Muslim and Talibani Terrorist Muslim.

At the end it’s being proved Islamic countries don’t care about Muslims they only care about conflicts between Muslim and Non Muslim. That shows they don’t respect other religion and supporting only Muslims even they are terrorists.


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