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Muslims Confused Whom To Support Taliban Islamic Terrorist Organization Or Afghanistan

All Muslims seems to be confused whom to support between Afghanistan and Islamic Terrorist Organization Taliban. In previous days we all witnessed that Muslims only support Muslims even that Muslim is wrong.

Few days ago all Muslims were against Israel because it’s Yahudi country (Non Muslim). Now few barkers will say that Israel were attacking on Muslims holy place that’s why we were against it. But holly place was just a reason to go against Israel otherwise no one is caring about holly place and all.

All Muslim countries hate Israel that’s why they all united but now we can see, war is happening between Afghanistan and Taliban both are Muslim countries but non of the Muslims showing interest in it, because they know in both way Islam is in danger and safe as well.

Very funny situation is that Muslims can’t support Afghanistan openly because Talibani terrorist is also Mulsims. They can’s even support and oppose openly because in both way they are going against Islam ha ha ha …….

In other religions justice is not depends on religion but in Islam 90% just is only depends on religion. Like we can see in Islamic countries most of the laws are in favor of Muslims. Even Non Muslim is good and didn’t attempt any crime he or she will have to go jail because non Muslims have no rights to fight against Muslims.

So called 57 Islamic non developed countries united against Israel but now no one is against Taliban, on other hand some Islamic countries are suporting Talibani Muslim terrorists.

World Muslim Organizations are saying that Taliban is protecting Islam so we can’t go against it. We can clearly see that Islamic countries directly supporting Terrorists because only they are Muslims. What if those terrorist were Non Muslims? Obviously they all have united and go against that Non Muslim Terrorists. But now Terrorists are Muslims so no Islamic countries will interfere.

If you are supporting terrorists that means you are helping them and you will be considered as a terrorist, that means 57 Islamic countries should consider as a terrorist. So called Turkey one of the mistakenly developed country is supporting Taliban.

Now Talibani Muslims claimed those women which land they conquered. Talibani Muslims issued a order to make list of 12 to 45 age women for sex slave work. They will enjoy the real life Hoora experience.

No one is caring those innocent Muslim women, but still Muslims are proud to be Muslim (What a joke). All Islamic countries are responsible for this torture on those women. According to 57 Islamic countries they can’t interfere because Taliban is saving Islam.

That means you can torture, rape, kill women if you are saving Islam, no one is talking about saving humanity. Anyways at the end we conclude that Muslims only interfere when it’s between Muslim and Non Muslim. They don’t care what is wrong and right. As a human we wish for Afghanistan to stand strong.

Now we are very curious to see which flag Muslims will put on their social media, Afghanistan or Taliban Islamic Terrorist Organization. Few months ago we saw some put the flag of Palestine because it’s Islamic country.

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