Manisha Valmiki rapist photos name

Name And Photos Of 4 Madarchod Boys Who Raped Manisha Valmiki

19 year’s old girl rape victim, Manisha Valmiki died in hospital. After investigation doctor found that, her tongue was cut and spinal cord permanently broken. The boys who raped her has been concealed but now it’s reveal.

We had already talked and explained how much this topic is important to notice. This sin is not forgivable at any cost. So many people are trying to give this case a different route with cast and all. But we affirm to people not to get fall for this media plan. We should consider her a women and must support her for justice.

Her neck was choked up with her duppata and have several injuries on her body. But things get out of control when these boys break her spinal cord. In this case she will not able to move her body and being helpless.

The name of the 4 madarchod boys are, Ramu,Ravi,Lavkush and Sandeep. Here is the photo of these mother fucker boys.

Manisha Valmiki rapist photos

Look at the face of these boys who deserve to get pee on their face. We think that pee is even more pure than their face.

Name and photos who rape kill manisha valmiki

Manisha Valmiki topic is trending on twitter and celebrities also tweeted on this. They demanded to take strict action against these four mother fucker boys.

There are lots of questions still exist behind this case, and investigation continuous. But we think if when government and police are not able to give punishment to them. We suggest you to gather and kill them by yourself. No one will dare to arrest huge mob.

Remember when all the doors of justice been get closed then you need to take stand for justice. And that can save lots of women to get raped in future.

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