Nizamul Khan kill girlfriend brother

Nizamul Khan Killed His Girlfriend’s Brother

A famous YouTuber Nizamul Khan killed his girlfriend’s brother. No one ever thought that a YouTuber with massive 9 lakh subscribers could do such a horrendous crime.

YouTuber with more than 9 lakh endorsers of his channel has been captured for purportedly killing his girlfriend’s brother who contradicted to their relationship. The person in question, Kamal Sharma, an occupant of Nithari, was shot dead on October 28 while he was getting back from work.

The investigation accused has been distinguished as Nizamul Khan, a YouTuber who is well known for his recordings of him performing bicycle stunts. Nizamul was purportedly involved with Kamal’s sister, which didn’t go down well with Kamal.

Kamal snatched his sister’s mobile phone and stopping her to connect with him, after which YouTuber decided to kill him.

Two of his helpers, one whom is a smack fiend, have likewise been captured.

Extra Commissioner of Police (Law and Order) Love Kumar said that 26-year-old Kamal Sharma, an occupant of Sector-31 Nithari, who was riding a bicycle, was shot in the midsection while diving from the raised street towards ISKCON sanctuary in the night on October 28. He was on his route home on his bicycle in the wake of completing obligation.

For this situation, Sector-24 police headquarters enrolled an instance of homicide against obscure, he said.

“During the examination, the police captured a YouTuber Nizamul, an occupant of Sector-53; Amit Gupta, an inhabitant of Sector-20; and Sumit Sharma, an occupant of Brahmapuri, Delhi, from Gijhod town, who were initially associated with the wrongdoing. Police have recouped a bicycle, a gun, two cartridges and a mobile from accused. Accused Nizamul had an affection illicit relationship with Kamal’s sister. Kamal used to prevent his sister from conversing with him. Because of this, Nizamul plan to kill Kamal,” a police articulation said.

A day prior to the episode, the blamed did a recce for Kamal’s organization situated in Sector-65 to know the time he leaves the workplace. The evening of the occurrence, the charged were pursuing Kamal from Sector-65 itself. Nizamul was sitting behind on the bicycle while Amit was riding the bicycle. When the bicycle plunged from the raised towards the ISKCON sanctuary, Nizamul shot Kamal in the midsection.

Noida Police followed film of in excess of 80 CCTV cameras to find the charged. In the CCTV film, three young people could be seen traveling every which way on a bicycle, however the charged couldn’t be recognized from that. After this, the police took out the CDR (Call Detail Record) of Kamal’s sister’s mobile number. The CDR demonstrated that she was continually conversing with Nizamul. Police at that point captured the three denounced by putting Nizamul’s mobile on observation.

Nizamul lived on lease in Gijhod while his family is in Sorakha in Noida.

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