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If you are a member of OSM software solutions, former Osmose Technology, and didn’t know how to complete task then here we have explained the full procedure to complete tasks.

When from Osmose Technology changed in to OSM, members are quit confuse to open their login page and wallet. So many users are not aware how to complete the Task in new OSM website.

Here you can go to OSM login page, Home page and Task page. In this article our main focus to give you knowledge about Task completion in OSM.

Osmose Technology has turned in to OSM software solutions and have made some changes with plans. If you are not aware about new plans then you should contact your senior.

In this article we will explain each and every steps. Even if you don’t know English you can still able to understand this. All the procedures have given in steps and you can simply follow these to accomplish your task.

Steps to complete task in OSM techno

  1. Click the link below
    OSM Task
  2. Fill your login credentials (Member ID and Password) and Enter Captcha Code
  3. Click on submit
  4. Click on “Open Link” and complete the given task
  5. Take a screenshot of completed Task
  6. Come back to Task page again
  7. Click on menu
  8. Click on Attempt Task
  9. Click on “Choose File and “Upload” it.

Rapid steps: Go to Task Login Page (Fill the login credentials) → Submit → Open Link (Complete the task) → Take Screenshot → Come back to task page → Menu → Attempt Task → Choose File (Select your taken screenshot) → Upload

Once you upload the task you will get “Task Completed Successfully” notification screen.

This is the procedure to complete the task in OSM. You just need to login successfully in your Task login page. Members are being confused because of this new interface, but there nothing to fear about.

We will keep update this article with new upcoming changes. Hope this article will help you, if not then feel free to ask in comment sections.


If you are doing this first time you may feel a little bit difficult but it’s all just matter of time. You just need to keep complete this task and you will be familiar with it. We have tried to just make things simple for you.

At the end we just wanted to help you and we hope that will help you to complete your task daily. If you have a more questions you can ask us with comment below.

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