Pakistani women killed husband and cooked him

Pakistani Women Killed Her Husband To Save Her Daughter And Cooked Him: Real Women Empowerment

When it comes to your daughter you would have done the same. Pakistani women killed her second husband and cut him in to pieces and cooked him. After reading this news you may feel guilt and bad for her husband but she did right thing otherwise her daughter will get raped.

This incident is happened in 2011 but we can understand why this news getting attentions of people now. Nowadays crime against women are increasing day by day there is still no hope for women security. We can understand why she had to done such a horrifying thing.

Zainab Bibi is the name of the women who killed her husband to save her daughter. After getting divorce from the first husband Zainab Bibi married with Ahmad Abbas. Zainab Bibi have already a daughter from his first husband and after married with second husband they were living together.

Zainab Bibi already get noticed that Ahmad Abbas is trying to get sex with her step daughter. She had tried sometimes to stop him to take hands over her daughter. But there were a limit, and Ahmad Abbas keep trying to sex with her step daughter.

Certain limits has been crossed by Ahmad Abbas and finally Zainab Bibi decided to kill him in order to save her daughter. First she killed Ahmad Abbas and the chopped him in 51 pieces. She was finding the way to hide his body and then she decided to cooked him and then throw his korma in to rivulet.

Before she complete all the process the, smell started to spread around the atmosphere and neighbor called the police and caught her.

While police investigating she wasn’t afraid and feeling proud for what had she done. She claim that, I killed my husband before he get physical relationship with my daughter, I don’t regret of my actions.

Her last words during investigation was, “I killed my husband before he dared to touch my daughter.”

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