penis pain

Penis pain reasons and treatment

Penis pain can influence the base, shaft, or leader of the penis. It can likewise influence the prepuce. A tingling, consuming, or throbbing sensation may go with the pain. Penis pain can be an aftereffect of a mishap or ailment. It can influence guys of all ages.

The agony can change contingent upon what hidden condition or malady is causing it. On the off chance that you have damage, the pain might be extreme and happen all of a sudden. In the event that you have an ailment or condition, the pain might be gentle and may steadily deteriorate.

Any kind of pain in the penis is a reason for concern, especially on the off chance that it happens during an erection, forestalls pee, or happens alongside release, wounds, redness, or growing.

Anticipating pain in the penis

penis pain

You can find a way to diminish your odds of creating pain, for example, utilizing condoms when you have intercourse, maintaining a strategic distance from sex with any individual who has any sort of dynamic contamination, and requesting that sexual accomplices evade harsh developments that curve your penis.

In case you’re having rehashed infections or different issues with your prepuce, having a circumcision or cleaning under your prepuce consistently can help.

Potential reasons for pain in the penis

Urinary tract infections (UTIs)

A urinary tract disease (UTI) is progressively regular in ladies, yet it can likewise occur in men. An UTI happens when microbes attack and contaminate your urinary tract. A contamination may occur in the event that you:

  • are uncircumcised
  • have a debilitated safe framework
  • have an issue or blockage in your urinary tract
  • have intercourse with somebody who has a contamination
  • have butt-centric sex
  • have a developed prostate

Priapism may result from:

  • symptoms of medications used to treat erection issues or medications used to treat misery
  • blood coagulating disarranges
  • psychological wellness issue
  • blood issue, for example, leukemia or sickle cell iron deficiency
  • liquor use
  • illicit medication use
  • damage to the penis or spinal string


Balanitis is a contamination of the prepuce and the leader of the penis. It for the most part influences men and young men who don’t wash under the prepuce routinely or who haven’t been circumcised. Men and young men who have been circumcised can likewise get it.

Different reasons for balanitis can include:

  • a yeast disease
  • an explicitly transmitted disease (STI)
  • a sensitivity to cleanser, aromas, or different items

Sexual transmitted infections (STIs)

A STI can cause penis agony. STIs that reason pain include:

  • chlamydia
  • gonorrhea
  • genital herpes
  • syphilis

Peyronie’s sickness

Peyronie’s sickness begins when an irritation causes a slender sheet of scar tissue, called plaque, to shape along the upper or lower edges of the pole of the penis. Since the scar tissue frames alongside the tissue that turns out to be hard during an erection, you may see that your penis twists when it’s erect.

The sickness can occur if seeping inside the penis begins after you twist or hit it, in the event that you have a connective tissue issue, or in the event that you have an aggravation of your lymphatic framework or veins. The illness can run in certain families or the reason for the sickness might be obscure.


Priapism causes a difficult, delayed erection. This erection can happen in any event, when you would prefer not to engage in sexual relations. As indicated by the Mayo Clinic, the condition is generally regular in men in their 30s.

In the event that priapism happens, you ought to get treatment promptly to anticipate long haul impacts of the sickness that may influence your capacity to have an erection.


Like some other piece of your body, damage can harm your penis. Wounds can occur in the event that you:

  • are in a fender bender
  • get singed
  • have harsh sex
  • put a ring around your penis to drag out an erection
  • embed objects into your urethra

Phimosis and paraphimosis

Phimosis happens in uncircumcised guys when the prepuce of the penis is excessively tight. It can’t be pulled away from the leader of the penis. It generally occurs in youngsters, yet it can likewise happen in more seasoned guys if balanitis or damage causes scarring in the prepuce.

A related condition called paraphimosis occurs on the off chance that your prepuce pulls once again from the leader of the penis, yet then can’t come back to its unique position covering the penis.

Paraphimosis is a health related crisis since it can prevent you from peeing and may make the tissue in your penis pass on.


Penis malignant growth is another reason for penile torment, despite the fact that it’s exceptional. Certain elements increment your odds of getting malignant growth, including:

  • smoking
  • not being circumcised
  • having a human papillomavirus contamination (HPV)
  • not cleaning under your prepuce in case you’re uncircumcised
  • being treated for psoriasis

As indicated by the Cleveland Clinic, most instances of penile malignant growth happen in men ages 50 or more seasoned.

Treatment alternatives for pain in the penis

Treatment differs relying upon the condition or malady:

  • Infusions mollify Peyronie’s malady plaques. A specialist can evacuate them in serious cases.
  • Emptying the blood out of the penis with a needle diminishes an erection on the off chance that you have priapism. Prescription may likewise bring down the measure of blood streaming to the penis.
  • Anti-infection agents treat UTIs and some STIs, including chlamydia, gonorrhea, and syphilis. Anti-toxins and antifungal meds can likewise treat balanitis.
  • Antiviral meds can help lessen or abbreviate herpes episodes.
  • Extending the prepuce with your fingers may make it looser in the event that you have phimosis. Steroid creams scoured on your penis can likewise help. At times, medical procedure is essential.
  • What tops off an already good thing your penis lessens growing in paraphimosis. Your primary care physician may recommend putting pressure on the leader of the penis. They can likewise infuse meds into the penis to enable it to deplete. Likewise, they can make little slices in the prepuce to diminish growing.
  • A specialist can evacuate dangerous pieces of the penis. Treatment for penile disease may likewise incorporate radiation treatment or chemotherapy.


In the event that you experience torment in your penis, counsel your primary care physician immediately.

In the event that a STI is the reason for your penis pain, let your present or potential accomplices know to abstain from spreading the disease.

Early finding and treatment of the fundamental reason can positively affect your wellbeing and prosperity.

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