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Pizza Delivery To Outer Space By Pizza Hut With Photos

It may seems impossible but it’s true that pizza hut delivered pizza to the outer space. Most horrifying thing is that it’s not recent news, it’s happened in 2001.

Pizza hut becomes first company to delivered pizza to outer space. This might sound quite weird but it’s true and one kind of publicity stunt. But thanks to pizza hut to full filled delivery to respected customer.

It was not easy to deliver a pizza to the space station so they had made a proper planning for it. Pizza hut collaborated with Russian food scientist to designed the algorithm to get pizza delivered in good condition. It was very important to keep the taste of pizza during traveling through space and keep it healthy. So they had first made some research with the help of Russian food scientist.

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“The identity of pizza hut is known for quality, innovation and leadership. We wanted to become first pizza delivery company who delivered pizza to outer space”, said Randy Gier, chief marketing officer, Pizza Hut, Inc.

Here is the how they prepared pizza to send them. As they already know it, it will took 60 day to get delivered to Space station so they added extra sauce, crispy crust, and cheese. They add salami on top of the pizza to enhance the taste of pizza during traveling in space. The main problem they had with is pepperoni, because pepperoni can’t withstand for 60 days. In the solution of it, they made a extra 6 inches diameter to pizzas.

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After completion of pizza design they certified it’s quality, and make it ready to send.

Gier said,”wherever life exist there will be pizza hut, it’s doesn’t matter for us to deliver. Our first motive is to provide high quality service to our customer even if they are living in space.” After checking the address, team make the full adjustment route for pizza delivery.

This pizza delivery cost about 1 million dollar and pizza cost was nothing before delivery cost. Although it was really good thing that they care about customer satisfaction. Big thanks to pizza hut for keeping good customer service.

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