Protein powder myth and fact

Protein Powder Myth and Facts | Know The Truth Here

Taking protein powder can help you and also misguide you if you don’t have enough knowledge of it. There are most probably the chances to fall for wrong information and outcomes of it.

In this article we are going to tell you the myths and facts about protein powder. What does actually protein powder do and what people think it do. Around 90% of consumers don’t even know why they are taking the supplements.

Most of the consumers are just taking supplements to have result quickly, but eventually they failed and desperate.   

Before you decide to take a supplement you should know the proper use of it. If you are taking supplements to build muscle or to lose weight, it’s not obvious that will help you. First, put out your wrong conceptions and then try it all.

Myth 1: Protein shake can help you to lose weight. If you are just taking it for weight loss without any suggestion or tips you can ended up with weight gain. Protein shakes are not only mean for weight loss, it’s all depends on you that ho will you consume it.

Myth 2: Protein shakes can make you bulky. It’ not wrong that it can make you bulky but depends on in what you are mixing it. If you will add it in milk or peanut butter then you would bulk not peanut of protein but milk and butter.

Myth 3: You can build a massive muscles with drinking only protein shakes. It’s absolutely wrong, protein shakes are not a creator of muscles. Your body create muscles and you will have to awaken it with exercise and protein will help to support it.

Myth 4: You should drink protein in 20 minutes after workout. It’s right but there are some conditions, you need to be stress free for 1 hours.

Myth 5: Protein powder can harm your kidney. This is not true yet by science, if you take more protein than your limit then it can take more time to digest but nothing goes to waste.

Myth 6: Protein is enough and don’t have to take care of diet. This is one of the worse misconception about protein powder. Remember supplement means it’s an something extra in your diet plan. You will have to follow your diet and supplement will boost it’s results.

Fact 1: Protein is very important to our body, we can take it even if we are not doing exercise.

Fact 2: Supplements are not whole food, you can’t skip your dinner, fruits, vegetables. Keep your regular meal at time because shakes are something more in it.

Fact 3: There are different types of protein with different outcomes. Not all protein supplements are same.

Fact 4: It’s not something that add a magic to your muscles, it’s just protein and doing work of protein.

Fact 5: You should not add different companies protein together. It’s not harmful but every maker have their own strategies to make. So it may be not suitable to your body to take two different companies protein together.

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