Ways to make money online from home

Proven Ways To Make Money Online From Home

Online work from home is becoming more popular with time. Back in the time people were not aware of online making money ways but now it’s visible and proven that anyone can make money online.

In this article we are gonna introduce some of the best ways to earn money online from home. It’s obvious that it would not be easy and difficult as well, it’s totally depends on your topic or niche.

If you are still questioning about is it possible to work from home without any boss and work pressure then yes it’s possible. It’s all became possible because of internet availability. Well developed countries like USA, UK, Japan, Aus etc are already been in online making money platform.

This field might be new in India but in few years lots of people took control on it and proved that you can earn money online and even with work from home. So lets discussed all the ways one by one in easy language.

1. YouTube

Before Jio launching people in India were struggling to use limited amount of internet because of high cost value with data plan. Jio made it too simple for everyone to connect on internet. There are lots of successful YouTubers who are earning huge amount of money working with creating videos for visitors.

YouTubers were working online but there weren’t that much internet users, but after 2015 Jio provided everyone internet and eventually helped YouTubers to earn more money.

If you have a good ideas then you can start your own YouTube channel. It will definitely take time but once you settled for it there is no stopping you.

2. Content writer

Everything is becoming available online on internet. There is nothing that you can’t search or find. It simply means this is all about data and information. Content writers have huge demand because this world is all about users and very few are providing data to it.

If you have a good writing talent then you can work from home and can earn more than 5000/- for an article. Remember writing and article is not that easy as you think, if you are familiar with writing skills then you should start writing your own articles and then use it for earn money.

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3. Domain buying and selling

Google is indexing more than lacks of websites per day, that means different organisations want to get online. To make presence online you need to buy domain and if you already brought it then you can sell it with higher amount.

If someone want to do blogging or want to create a website they need domain name for it. Domain is basically heart of any website, that’s why no one will ignore the perfect name for it. You can buy some domain names already and buy it in auction websites.

4. Affiliate marketing

There is no doubt that Affiliate marketing is one of the most popular to earn money online. There are lots of affiliate websites who are earning huge money with it. Amazon associate is one of the best example of AM.

You can see lots of successful AM on internet, it’s obvious that there is not only Amazon who provides AM earning money system. You can Affiliate domain, hosting, survey etc.

There is no end to this era because this is really helpful for owner and seller too besides buyer also get discount with it. So this is all around beneficial way to earn money online.

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5. Start blogging

Blogging is not only mean to YouTube blogging. This is not only about making videos and upload on YouTube. You need to understand what is blogging and what is Vlog. What we doing on YouTube is nothing but Vlog and what we doing on google in written form is called blogging.

There are lots of topics or niches to start your own blog, and yes believe it blogging field will have huge demand in upcoming time. Everyone goes to internet to looking some kind of information and this information is provided by blogging. Once your bog became popular then you have lots of ways to make money with it like Adsense, private ads, banners, promotions etc.

Choose your topic wisely and start sharing your passion with the world.

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6. Woo-commerce

Does it mean online shopping portals? Tes, but it should not belongs to only one website or product. If you want to earn money with it, you should gather all information from different websites in just one place.

There are lots of products available on different portals, you need to execute it and make it simple for your visitors to choose right one option. If there are coupon codes for particular product you should make it easy to find it.

Woo-commerce is not just about selling products and redirect them to original website, if you are redirecting it to original website that means you are doing affiliate marketing.

In this field you have your own payment gateway and offers and even can deal with different stores to sell it on your woo-commerce site.

7. Freelancer

If you hate work under boss then freelancing is definitely for you. No one can pressurized you to complete your work in given time. As it’s all part of your talent and creativity to become freelancer.

You can create your profile online or on fiverr to approach your skill to them. You can see there are lots of freelancers who are earning more than lakhs per month. You can start it from the initial stage and then increase your charge once you settled in this field.

In this world only freelancer are truly free in their life because they enjoying what they are doing with it. Besides freelancing is not possible without passion like blogging. So start your freelance career as early as possible.

8. Stock market

There is no end to this era because investing money stock market s becoming so popular. People were not aware about power ot the stock market but now people are involving in this. This is actually very quick money making way in all learning strategies.

Nowadays lots of companies are motivating investor to invest money in stock market with demo account. You can bid your forecast and if it will be correct then you can receive almost double money. It’s easy and difficult money making business, there are lots of people who made crore of rupees by it.


These are the poven and professional ways to earn money online with work from home. If you looks closer to each work you would find nothing but fulfilling public needs.

Online making money is simply use your talent and help people to solve their problems. No one can approach you without reason and this world always have problems. That means they will come to you to solve it.

If you planning to earn money from home then online platform is the best option for it. Now almost everything is available online so it make sense to plan for online future.

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