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Pune Camp Shivaji Market On Fire Video News

Fire in Camp Shivaji Market Pune area on 16th March since early morning. The videos going viral on social media that everything is being catch by fire and cause a lot of loss.

The reason behind this fire is still untraceable, special teams are trying to trace the cause of fire but nothing is visible yet. This fire cause a lot of damage to owners property and will take time to regain the businesses.

Reporters said that no one is injured in this accident and fire bridged took control over it on time. You can watch the video below showing that Pune Camp Shivaji Market is burning and fire was looking fatal.

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You can see how fire was going out of control and fire bridged trying to to rid off it. We all really thankful to all of them who contribute their efforts to took fire down. By the reports this damage cause around lakh of loss to owners.

The situations around the fire was in tense since early morning and cause everyone to woke up in emergency. We will inform you when we got the more information about this incident.

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