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Reading Mind Through Eyes

Eyes are the most powerful and graceful element of a being. It’s more of a storyteller, a pain soother and a thought process navigator. The words ‘reading a soul’ is not only limited up to a person but it also opens up the possibilities to read even animals. Well, this is the most interesting yet the most difficult part of our existence that is because we don’t even understand what the other person wants to say even through using words then how will it be possible to just get to know what the other person wants to say only through his/her eyes?


If you want to read a person you must learn to analyze his/her eyes. Eyes speak a lot and that might reveal a lot many things. Reading emotions like sorrow, happiness, pain, anger, confusion can tell a lot about a person and this might help you to have a blur vision of the character and personality of the person. 


That person would avoid eye contact in order to hide his/her emotions and a pretentious smile will play upon his face which will not touch his eyes. A person with a lot of sorrow in his eyes and slow movements in body language might be due to a particular reason or a bad day. Now to console that person or avoiding that person is up to you. 


The confused eyes don’t stay still at a place and often look down thinking to themselves. You might also notice that are looking to nothing or in the air and will often make eye contact with you contemplating whether to trust your suggestions. They often wander from one place to another. But whenever you ask them they would reply they are thinking about it but actually confused. Well, if you are ambitious enough you can easily manipulate that person to your advantage and the deal might be yours you never know!


Pretentious eyes would hardly have any eye contact with you . They would fix their eyes on yours in order to convince you that they are genuine. Prolonged stares and repeating the same sentences over and over again which is an indication of pretentious eyes and this might also include crocodile tears.


These eyes are a pleasure to look at. They are bright and wide and often pass grins. These people are more willing to work for you either because you make them happy or they belong to a more joyous and genuine category. Happy eyes don’t try to hard and make 2 to 3 minutes of eye contact and tend to look at their upper left while talking to you. My suggestion is that associate yourself with happy eyes more.


Have you wondered that how good you are at observing things? Well, 99 percent of you are still contemplating it in your head and thinking how many times you’ve “observed” a conversation or a situation or a person maybe.

I know you haven’t and that’s probably because we have trained ourselves from years and years to express ourselves, to be a part of every conversation, to wait till the other person finishes so that we can start again, to tell them how great we are or how great we think, to give suggestions but in all of this process we forget to observe and a lot more things.

To observe is not just viewing or seeing something, in fact, it includes listening, thinking, talking to yourself, observe every perspective without opening your mouth. Once you start observing things no one can stop you from becoming the most powerful person and you can read any mind or any soul.

For example:

  1. Some people give you prolonged stares so there might be a possibility that they might be lying.
  2. Dilated pupils, frequent blinking, eye contact for a few minuted and looking towards the lips or cheeks and eye contact for a few minuted and looking down indicates flirting or a person is attracted to you.
  3. Closing eyes for a few seconds means that the persons some space and time to think  or relax because he/she is angry or frustrated.
  4. The same is with animals. Just spend your time observing them and see you know them better than anyone else. Eventually, you would start conversing with it and any way animals are anyway better than humans. lol. So better start building conversations with your pets!


Have you ever noticed someone’s eye movement to guess what he is thinking? You might be thinking that this is so stupid but in fact, this is the most interesting sign given by the brain to let the other person know what he/she is thinking.

The facts mentioned below are scientific but don’t always judge a person on these facts because some people might have different habits and you might not be knowing about it.

  1. UPPER RIGHT ↗  : Haha he/she is lying. If you see someone talking to you and constantly looking to his/her upper right then most probably that person is making the events up in his/her head and tell stories. Creative imagination and visual construction come from here.
  2. UPPER LEFT  ↖ : The person who looks at his left upper corner is remembering an event or images of the situation. When a person is trying to recall some visual image he tends to look to the upper left. Hopefully, he/she is telling you the truth.
  3. LATERAL RIGHT → : The person is trying to voice your spoken sentences in his head and making judgments whether it is right or wrong.He/she is repeating those words in the head and considering their consequences.
  4. LATERAL LEFT ← : The person is remembering sounds from the past and not thinking about it. He/she gives you an honest opinion which has to do with a past sound memory.
  5. LOWER RIGHT  ↘ : Sometimes we get angry, confused, happy, nervous, sad we tend to unconsciously look to our lower right. You can probably guess that someone is getting nervous or awkward and you can comfort him/her.

Don’t believe me?

Now close your eyes and imagine the soft touch of the wool of the sheep and look at the upper left through closed eyes for some time and then do the same but now look at the lower right. Which feels more comfortable? Obviously lower right.

6. LOWER LEFT   : Lol, here we come to the talking to oneself part. Is your opposite person looking to his lower left? Yes, he is having an internal dialogue with himself.

So here you go with a bit of knowledge from my side. Hope you be a great mind reader with these few magic tricks, of course, you will not be able to read exact thought or everything but you’ll have a fair idea about the other person’s intention while having a conversation.

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