Resistance tube triceps workout

Resistance Tube For Triceps Workout

Resistance tube is one of the best way for triceps workout at home. It can help you to put your triceps muscles under pressure. If you want to know how you can then have a look on this article.

Yes, not only resistance tubes but any equipment can. It all depends on your own creativity. If you are very well known about workout then you can develop any form that can help you to workout

Resistance tubes are very effective for any body muscle exercise. You can use it as a weight and it’s very flexible also. You just need to adjust the resistance of the resistance tube and have perfect form of each exercise. Here is the only matter of your perfection, not about the tube.

If you  don’t know how to use it for push down and other exercises then, it’s all waste for you. Your knowledge about various triceps exercises can help you to use resistance tubes for triceps workout.

List of resistance tube triceps workouts

Here is the list of triceps workout which we are gonna perform in this article.

  1. Rope push down
  2. Cable overhead
  3. Sleeping side extension
  4. Bar push down
  5. Sleeping overhead
  6. Standing overhead extension
  7. Bent over kick back

These are the exercises which we are gonna perform for triceps workout. You can easily use resistance tube for it.

Resistance tube triceps workouts

It’s not tough to use resistance tube for triceps, it just only depends on how you will achieve the perfection. Here are some forms that can help you to use resistance tubes for triceps workout.

Rope push down

This is very simple and effective for growth of triceps muscles. You can directly hit your triceps with this exercise. Here are the steps.

  1. Find something to hook up your resistance tube
  2. Now, just push down that tube without moving your elbow position
  3. Your elbows should remain while you are performing a push down workout.

Cable overhead

There are two choices to do this exercise, one with dumbbells and second is with a rope machine. We will have both advantages with resistance tubes. Resistance tube will help you to add resistance weight and also can be rope. Here is a look to know how to perform.

  1. Find something on the ground to hook up your resistance tube
  2. Once you hook up, hold it over your head
  3. Now, try to push it up without disturbing your elbow position
  4. Repeat this exercise for 10-12 times per one set.

Sleeping side extension

You may have very good stress at your triceps if you perform this exercise. Your all and total pressure will directly hit your triceps. Basically this exercise mainly performs with dumbbells but we can perform this with a resistance tube also. We just need to manage it in the right appropriate way.

  1. Get sleep on the floor
  2. Hook up your resistance tube on any object
  3. Your sleeping position must be perpendicular to resistance tube
  4. Now hold it, and keep your elbow up without any bent.
  5. To perform you can bent your elbow and again raise it
  6. Do this for 10-12 times per single set

Push down

It’s the same as rope push down but changed in grip position. In the rope push down, my hands getting down in hammer position. Here in push down my hands will get down in parallel position. So we can call it push down using the bar but leave it for now. Have a look at the instructions.

  1. Hook up your resistance tube to the upper side
  2. Now grab your both handles and keep it parallel to ground
  3. Try to push down and release pressure again

Sleeping overhead

We have learnt about cable overhead exercise. This is the same as that but it’s in only a sleeping position. Actually this is an alternative to sleeping overhead exercise with use of dumbbells. We just replaced the dumbbell with a resistance tube and managed it to use for overhead exercise.Hook up your resistance band near on the ground.

  1. Sleep perpendicular to it and hold your bands
  2. Now keep your elbows ups and push it down towards you chest
  3. Once you reached them release back to normal position

Standing overhead extension

It’s like we have learned above but in standing position. If you have done exercise in the gym then you may be aware of it. We have usually performed this with a rope machine. Now we are going to do it without any machines.

  1. Get in standing position
  2. Hook up your band at level of your head
  3. Now grab it and turn opposite to band
  4. Push bands over your head but remember don’t let your elbow position disturbed

Bent over kickback

This is one of the best exercises for triceps for all time. So many people are familiar with it, now we are going to do it with tube bands. All the procedures will be the same but the only difference is out equipment.

  1. Hook your band at the level of your knee
  2. Grab it, and get in bent over position
  3. Once you in bent over position then push down this band and release pressure again
  4. Don’t let your elbow position disturbed during exercise


Here we learn how to use resistance tubes for triceps workout. This all workout can help you to develop your triceps muscles. Triceps muscles are not that heavy to need gym exercise for it. You can also develop it at home with only the use of a resistance tube.

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