Selfie cause 16 years of prison in Iran

Selfie Cause 16 Years Of Prison For No Women Rights

This is not a story but reality in Iran where you don’t have a right to live a life as you want. Only a selfie of a couple charged them a 16 years of prison, 74 lashes and charge. This is too much and against humanity.

According to Iranian Islamic law should called inhumanity law don’t allow you to post photos without Hijab. This is so insane and inhuman law because giving a freedom is the first religion and even god doesn’t bothering with your deeds. So who given you a rights to restrict someone to what post or not to post on your social media.

It’s not about nudity, nudity is restricted because we should not allow kids to watch nudity before they get matured. After maturity there is no problem for nudity because it’s a part of nature to feel horny.

Moin-Shirazi, former kickboxing champion has charged for 9 years but what make it more worst? His wife Shabnam Shahrokhi is also charged for 7 years and besides 74 lashes. What is f*ck is this? A women get slashes because she didn’t wear Hijab. I think this is totally against humanity law.

It doesn’t matter which religion is this, women should be treated respectfully. In India there is no problem to take photos without Hijab and there is no restriction to anyone to live his or her life as they desire. We think about women rights before any religion, because there is no value of religion if it don’t give respect or freedom to women.

Don’t get confused between respect and freedom. Respect is so differ than freedom, if there is no freedom so what is the meaning of respect. If you respect then you should give them a freedom.

Iranian Islamic law should know that it’s an 21th century and lots of things has been changed in thousands year. Change is the rule of the nature, you have two choices, respect women otherwise agree that you don’t respect them. Because we more believe in actions than your theory restrictions.

Note: We don’t spread hatred but you should be aware about the world around you.

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