Facts of women body

Shocking Facts About Female Body

Women’s body is more mysterious than men. Men’s body is easy to understand and study but women is still mysterious for science. Science is still studying lots of things about women’s bodies and systems. In this article we are going to know some of the women body facts.

1. Women have stronger immune systems

It’s by nature women have stronger immune systems because they will need to give birth and care about their heredity.

2. Women have stronger memory than men

In research studies found that women can remember more data than women, for face recognition women’s brains can function more actively than men.

3. Women can survive more injuries than men

Men’s bodies are surviving more injuries with external activities but women have natural surviving capacity because they have stronger immune systems.

4. Women have greater flexibility than men

Female muscles are more elastic compatible than men. Women have to give birth that’s why their body and spine is evolved.

5. Women have better muscle endurance than men

When it comes to stamina women have 75% more endurance than men and good metabolism.

6. Wrong conception about women virginity

People are still believing that women get to break their hymen with first intercourse. This is scientifically proven wrong theory, it’s just in wrong conception. There is nothing to do with women’s virginity with their hymen tissues.

7. Does G-spot exist or not?

In fact G-spot is a fantasy myth that turns real with your positive mind. There is not such evidence that G-spot exists yet. We just consider the most sensitive part that makes you feel more sexual called G-spot.

8. Talking about periods can build more bonds

Many of the women are still not feeling free to talk about their periods even if it’s natural. In studies found if women will share their experience with another woman that can help to bond them.

9. The first movie used the word “Vagina”

It’s a very appreciated initiative by walt disney, women are still feeling ashamed to talk about their menstruation cycle. This is a very important and first step to open yourself from the beginning of your childhood.Here you can see “The Menstruation Story” only for educational purpose

10. Women can differentiate more colors than men

It’s all about the X-chromosome, women can see more shades than men because they have 2 X-chromosome and men have only one.

11. Both breasts are never symmetrical

Women can’t have a symmetrical breast on both sides, there are lots of reasons behind it. It is because of differences in breast tissues, elasticity of skin etc. The most important thing is that there is nothing to worry about, it’s all natural.

12. Women have better control on words than men

It’s a fact that whenever we are calling any company your most probably about to listen to women’s voices because women’s voice is more fluent and clear than men. Women’s voices can change your mood, and their collaboration of words with the brain makes them more intelligent when dealing with any work.

13. Female skin is very sensitive

Women feel more pain than men because their skin is so sensitive than men. You already know this man’s skin is rough for surviving war and natural calamities, so that’s why they are not more sensitive like women.

14. Mood depends on hormones

This entire world is surprising with drastically change in mood of women. We can see during periods, women are more aggressive than regular days. it;s all because of hormone changes.

15. Clitoris matter for orgasm

Most of the women don’t get orgasm if their clitoris does not get touched. Only physical intercourse are not enough to orgasm for most of the women.

16. Clitoris is more sensitive than penis

Penis have around 4000 sensitive nerves ending at penis and women have double the sensitive nerve than men.

17. Women have stronger hearing capacity

While we are sleeping women are most likely to respond to your call. Men do not have that much capacity to hear voices while sleeping.


These are not the end of facts about women’s bodies because science is still in work to find more knowledge about women’s bodies. All the facts are easily showing that women’s bodies are more friendly with nature.

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