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Should you cook or not in microwave oven?

Cooking with microwave oven is very helpful nowadays, it is even help you to cook faster with time. Some of the people think that microwave oven will harm your food in such a ways . Like, it’s radiation will get in your body. But what is right or wrong we will discussed in later.

In this article we will clarify that microwave oven sabotage your food, or it’s qualities.

What Are Microwave Ovens?

Before we start the topic we should know what is microwave oven. If you understand what it is, will help you to understand easily.

Microwave oven works on electromagnetic waves which is produced by the machine. Those waves are called as microwave 

These waves are entering in food and causing them to vibrate in their molecule and water contain in food. It’s the same like we are rubbing our hands each other.

Microwaves are impacts on water atom, sugar, and fats containing in that food. It will get vibrating and produce heat in that food.


Microwave oven transfer electromagnetic waves called microwave those produces heat in food to warm up them.

Can Microwave Oven Radiation Harm You?

Microwave oven produces electromagnetic waves. We almost familiar to electromagnetic waves.

You may get concern about those radiation because we knows nuclear bomb and atom bombs also contains radiation.

Microwave oven produce electromagnetic waves same like our mobile phone but only difference is that. Mobile waves are very low in power and microwave oven radiation are very high in power.

We need to remember all the lights we are using in our home are also radiations. You bulb light is also radiation that means not all the radiations are harmful to us.

Microwave oven covered with metal shield which prevents those radiation comes out from container. The metal covered container reflect those radiation back.

But that not mean to put your head in microwave oven. We must keep away our-self to get direct interact with radiation. Keep you head at-least 1 foot long from the container.

Extra note, always check that your microwave oven is in great condition. Check wherever get the crack or not.


Microwave is one of a type of electromagnetic waves which will not harm you. However, it’s always recommended to keep distance from it.

Can Microwave Oven Impacts on Nutrient Content

Each type of cooking strategies diminishes the nutrition contains.

When you cooking with microwave oven, it means you required short time and lower temperature. That means your food is not boiling.

As per the research microwave oven does not diminishes the nutrient content that any other method to cook.

With some cases microwave oven shows it’s totally safe with it’s nutrition.


All cooking techniques diminishes the quality if foods. But the main thing is that microwave oven diminishes lower amount of nutrition that other technique.

Can Microwave Oven Decreases Harmful Contains?

Microwave oven help to reduce the danger reactions of formation of foods.

We can see other techniques of cooking foods uses very high amount of heat, that will mixed the foods each other. That means different foods will get mixed totally, so there are chances to become poisoning food. Not that much poisoning but not suitable for digestion. Microwave cooking will not mixed them at formation level. So it keeps every food alive.

Another study shows that microwaving chicken is less dangerous than other mixing strategies.


Microwave oven limits its formation to make harmless combination of foods.

Maintain a strategic distance from Plastic Containers

So many plastics are harmful to our body. When we get bottle of water we watch the expiry date of it. That expiry date is not of that water but it’s bottle.

Plastic contain different chemicals if you boil water or food in plastic the chemicals of plastic will mixed with food.

At the point when warmed, these compartments may filter mixes into your food.

It’s recommended to not to use plastic container to warm the foods. 

This safety is not because of that microwave oven it’s because of that plastic.


So many plastic types contains harmful chemicals which can get mixed with your food. So keep away plastic container from microwave oven.

Can Microwave Oven Warm Your Food Properly?

Microwave oven have some drawbacks.

Microwave oven heat your food with low temperature so some harmful particles will not get vanished.

That is the very low temperature and even in shorter time that means it will not help to reduce contamination.

Microwave oven heat the food at same temperature. But not all the food take the same time to get cooked that simply means some of your food will still uncooked. It’s not because of that machine it’s because of that foods property. Even if you put the same types of food it will take different time for cook to every food.


Even microwave oven so effective but it don’t know about the foods properties, because same foods have different characteristics. So that means some of food will not get cooked.


Microwave is very simple and effective technique to cook food.

There is not still evidence that microwave oven will harm your food. This is a rumors that foods will absorb radiation and that eating foods will put radiation in your body. This is very dumb theory.

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