Shoulder workout with bricks

How To Use Bricks For Shoulder Workout

You can perform shoulder workout with just bricks. You don’t have need any equipment just use bricks and do shoulder workout.

We are covering bricks workout for various muscles, in this article we are gonna learn about how we can use bricks for shoulder workout. Shoulder is the most attractive part of a man’s muscles. This is not what I am saying but researchers said that women get attracted toward men who have very good shoulders.

The main advantage of shoulder exercise is that you can develop it very fast compared with other muscles. Once you start the shoulder workout you can start to feel the stress over it.

This is very easy to perform with dumbbells, bars, and machines but what about you don’t have anything of them. That’s why it’s important to have knowledge about brick workout. You can find the other exercises we developed for various muscles with use of bricks.

If you know how to do shoulders workout with dumbbells then you can easily understand the following workouts. As we are going to use bricks that means we can’t perform the exercises which requires bars so simply means utilizing dumbbells workout with replacing dumbbells with bricks.

Precautionary tips

  • Use good quality of bricks or stone
  • Have a tight grip over bricks
  • Use safety shoes
  • Wear helmet for better safety

These precautionary tips must be followed by you because if you don’t have good practice over the above tips then it can be difficult for you to perform exercises. Your bricks quality really does matter. If your bricks are lower quality then it can get broke while you exercise or can be serious injuries to your body.

While exercising in standing position bricks can feel legs that’s why safety shoes are recommended for this. Our head processor of our body keeps it safe and has the highest priority among all safety tips.

How can bricks useful for shoulder workout?

Shoulder muscles are not that big a deal to be afraid of. Your perfection over your weights is really important here. If you are questioning about bricks then why not bricks. You can watch people who workout at home use gas cylinders, water buckets and all.

You don’t need to go for these if you want to develop your shoulders. Your shoulders can easily get targeted if you just study about the perfect form for each exercise. Even if you are lifting light weights your shoulder mobility germs in work.

Shoulder workout with bricks at home

Bricks shoulder front raises

This is not a hard workout and very good for shoulder durability. Shoulder front raises will easily pump your shoulder muscles and also arm strength. Keeping your grip tightly makes it more effective to develop the whole arm with your shoulder.

  • Hold two bricks with both hands
  • Get it front and near to your thighs
  • Raise only one hand at a time, so we are going to raise right hand first here
  • Bring down your hand down slowly
  • After you get your one arm fully down then only raise your second arm up
  • Now get it down slowly
  • Repeat these steps for 10 times and have 4 sets

Bricks shoulder side raises

If you have performed this workout with dumbbells you can do it with bricks but it’s not easy though as dumbbells. Dumbbells are easy to hold and grip but bricks are not that much easy to hold while working out. Again you need to grip more carefully here than early exercise.

  • Hold two bricks with both hands
  • Fold your hand slightly in front side
  • Now raise your elbows up slowly
  • And get it down slowly
  • Remember this is not alternative exercise in nature it’s simultaneous
  • You should raise both the hands together at same time

Bricks shoulder press

Shoulder press is the very first choice for everyone because it’s directly hit to the particular muscle. There are chances to mis guide the position and perfection for the above two exercises but shoulder raises not. It’s very easy to get perfection because your whole body is in the picture for pressing the shoulder. If you know the intensity of shoulder press workout you can’t deny the fact of its results. Never forget to perform this exercise for the shoulder.

  • Hold two bricks above your shoulder
  • You can do it standing or seating position
  • Push both the bricks up and get down slowly
  • You need to perform it simultaneously
  • Repeat at least 10 reps and have 4 sets of it


Shrugs will help your shoulders to feel relaxed and stretched. It’s the same exercise as we do with dumbbells. There is not much difference. Bricks can be so easy to shrug your shoulders then you can use stones as more heavy objects. The more heavy an object means the more it will have a good effect on the shoulder. Don’t forget to wear shoes because here are the higher chances of getting your foot hurt.

  • Get two bricks with your both hands
  • Release your both hands down and keep your grip on bricks
  • Now, shrug your shoulder slowly hold that position
  • Release slowly your shrugs to normal position
  • Repeat this for 10-12 times and have 3 sets of it

Pull over bricks

Pull over workout is normally performed with a rope machine. With a rope machine this exercise is very easy and even more effective. But we don’t have any machines at home that’s why we are using bricks for the same. While pulling over during the workout we pulled the bar to up direction towards our chin. We will do the same here with ricks but not getting closer to our chin for our safety purpose. So have a look at the steps for it.

  • Stand straight and hold your bricks
  • Get your stomach in and bent your upper very slightly
  • Hold your bricks in front of your body
  • Now, pull up the bricks slowly
  • Release the bricks down slowly and pull up again

Pull over press

All the steps are the same as the above workout but this is more advanced than pull over workout. We have added one extra step in pull over workout. Once you pull up the bricks then push it in front of your body. And get down.

  • Once you reached your bricks to your chin hold it
  • And push bricks in front of your body
  • Repeat this for 6-7 times and have 3 sets

One arm bricks shoulder side raises

One arm shoulder side raises need to be performed with a support wall. Your one hand needs to hold the support of the wall or one hand will rise up with brick. Standing position is very important here and the supporting wall must be strong.

  • Stand near to wall or support
  • have a good grip over support and hold your brick with other hand
  • Now just raise your hand up and slowing down
  • Repeat this for 8-10 times and have 3 sets of it

Is this effective for shoulder muscles

Yes, it’s all about your strength and stamina that determines how much energy you need to put for workout. If you don’t feel any pressure over your workout that’s not mean these workouts are not effective.

You just need to change bricks for your comfort grip. Your grip also matters here, because your grip is end energy and your form mainly depends on your grip. If you are feeling comfortable with your normal grip then you can only focus on your form.

If you think that weights are too heavy or light then switch it to your level. You know that how much you are strong and strength choose weight accordingly to lift your bricks.

Workout sequence

At home workout plans you can’t break through your limits but bricks can help you and it’s easily available. Here is the workout routine plan or sequence to improve the results of this workout plan.

Bricks shrugs 154
Bricks Shoulder front raise103
Bricks shoulder press83
Pull over 103
Pull over press83
One arm side raise83
Bricks side raises83

Why is this sequence important to follow? The very first thing is that everything in this world should go in sequence. Our shoulder muscles have their own framework. Jumping directly to hard exercise is never recommended. To explore the particular muscle you need to hit in the correct direction. Rule always says that go from easy to hard.

The workout sequence given above is managed in the correct manner to go from relaxation to strength. If you look over the plan then you can find bricks shrugs are the easiest and side raises are hardest among them. Every workout targets your shoulder with a different angle and in an appropriate way.

Can I do it everyday?

You can do it every day but with certain limitations. You must give it a full day for this workout and on other days you can perform some exercises for warm up. If today is your chest day then there is no worries to having shoulder workout as a warm up and for cool down. During warm up you just need to go with light weight exercise.

Whatever you do everyday or not but don’t forget about rest for your muscles. Your muscles probably get stuck if you perform everyday shoulder workout with height intensity strength.

Shoulder muscle is not that big muscle to use everyday for it. You can’t believe it but only one day per week is enough for your shoulder muscle development. Now, rest up to you.


All the exercises explained above are the basic and suitable for everyone. We are now covering the basic exercises. We have lots of different exercises but we think that it’s not suitable for now.

You can have good shoulder durability with all the exercises above. If you don’t know about other exercises with bricks you can check out our other articles for better knowledge.

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