Shoulder workout loop band exercise

Shoulder Workout With Loop Band Exercises

How to use Loop Band for shoulder exercise

Do you have a loop band but don’t have any idea how to use it for shoulder workout exercise. So well you may have some knowledge but have a look here just at once.

Our main motive here is not just to show you workout ideas but we want to make it more easier and keep it effective as well. There is a saying that, the easier the way will have lower victory, but there are some exceptions for it. Actually we want you to work hard even more but in smart way.

How to use your energy in smarter way does make matter a lot. You might have a several equipments for workout at home, and loop band is one of the better and flexible option to carry with. There are lots of ways to use loop band for multiple body parts.

In this article we are going to explain you how you can use loop band for shoulder exercise. You might knew few exercises but we are going make it even more easy and more effective.

  1. Side raise
  2. Front raise
  3. Bent side raise
  4. Close hand front raise
  5. Seated pullover
  6. Seated side raise
  7. Single arm shoulder press
  8. Lying front raise
  9. Elbow bent side raise
  10. Bent over front raise

This is the list of shoulder exercises which you can perform with loop band at home, workplace and anywhere you want.

Side raise

It is like shoulder side raise workout but with limited length of loop band make it perform only with one hand. You need to keep it between your legs and then perform like you do with shoulder side raise with only one hand at a time.

Front raise

This exercise structure is same as we did in above exercise. Here is the minor change in exercise that we need to raise our hand at front side. Keep hold it between your legs and try to raise your hand at your level of face.

Bent side raise

We are not allowed her to use any stool or bench because these all exercises are only performed with only loop band. Here bent your body like we do while bent over exercise. Keep loop band in between your legs and bent yourself. Now perform side raise workout as we do in standing position. But keep your body bended while this exercise.

Close hand front raise

Now you can’t keep loop band between your legs because we want to divide the pressure to both hands. We have one solution for it, you can enter in loop band and can seat on the ground. In this case you are nothing but sitting on loop band. Now close your both hands and raise it at the level of your head.

Seated pullover

You can have it with standing position but it could be more effective with seating position. Use your foot to hooked the loop in it. Then pullover it towards your neck and release. Do it at least 10 reps and 3 sets.

Seated side raise

You should keep your previous explained form and perform side raise in same position. In this case you are performing shoulder side raise horizontally not as usually vertically to ground.

Single arm shoulder press

Keep in sitting position and put only one leg in loop band. Bring loop band to centre of your body and now grab it with only one hand. And push it up like you do with dumbbell shoulder press.

Lying front raise

Here you need to get in sleeping position then enter your both legs in loop band. Once you slept you just need to bent your knees, now you can perform front raise exercise in sleeping position.

Elbow bent side raise

This is just modified side raise workout. In this exercise you should bent your elbow vertically and then perform same exercise as we do with dumbbell side raise workout.

Bent over front raise

If you are familiar with bent over posture then you will not have any difficulty  with this exercise. Get stand up grab loop band below your feet. Now bent your body and try to raise your hand in front direction. Similar workout as we done with front raise shoulder workout.


With these all exercises you can develop your shoulder muscles. Shoulder muscle is not that tough like other muscles are. You can increase speed or repetition for better results.

You can perform these all exercise everyday or can have on single day single muscle. If you can’t make any form possibly no worries, we have shown 10 exercises you can have only 5-6 for your workout.

As we concerned, we have almost find easy way to target same muscle in multiple way that’s why it will be effective and can give better result. You just need to have loop band and nothing more than time.

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