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Signal Private Messenger App Vs WhatsApp Messenger

If you are using WhatsApp and Signal app too then you probably have few questions about their differences. What makes them different to each other, and what benefits you will have with signal app?

People didn’t have mirror alternative for WhatsApp yet but signal messenger app became a rival to it. There are also a few messengers apps competitors for WhatsApp but no one was matching it.

Now WhatsApp co-founder created another new open source non profit messenger app for population. People don’t want to use multiple apps for same work, so what makes Signal app different over WhatsApp.

If you are a serious user of social media then you must aware of privacy issues. No one change the priority of privacy. Every user just want his privacy safe and that’s what they expect from apps.

WhatsApp changed it’s privacy policy and not left any option but accepting the policies. This is nothing but the bossing system which WhatsApp started earlier. In response of new privacy policies users drive them for alternative of it. But problem was, there weren’t any mirror alternative of it.

What is privacy? privacy means your information must not be visible to anyone. Your sensitive information is not for public to see and use it. Signal app takes only mobile number nothing more than it. WhatsApp on the other hand, takes lots of information about users and it also added payment gateways on it.

When it comes to money no one can take risk, and without sensitive data we can’t achieve any money transactions. So we can say that WhatsApp payment gateway became the negative point for WhatsApp and made users to switch for alternative.

Signal app became the number 1 app on Apple store. It’s ranking at the 1st position in top charts and WhatsApp ranking at 5th position.

After leaked few chats of celebrities users are not talking any sensitive information on WhatsApp. Signal uses end-to-end encryption for chat images and video sharing. Besides it has blur face feature whenever anyone trying to take a screenshot of screen. There are some blackmail cases that peoples threaten users with screenshots. In Signal app you can take screenshot but it will blur the face of person that’s the best feature over WhatsApp.

The app has been encourage by personalities like CEO of Tesla Elon Musk, Edward Snowden, Filmmaker Oscar Winner Laura Poitras, and Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey. After getting promotion by these personalities Signal app started to get attention of users and became the popular and tough competition for WhatsApp.

WhatsApp directly mentioned in their new privacy policy that WhatsApp share user information with Facebook and if you refuse then you can quit WhatsApp. In this privacy based world users would like to switch and signal made it possible.

As we said early that Signal app use only mobile number, it don’t require email, your payment gateway details, your address, etc.

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