Simple Exercises That Fit In Your Work From Home Schedule

Simple Exercises That Fit In Your Work From Home Schedule

The Covid-19 pandemic has clearly tampered with our daily routine. For many people, juggling different roles at home means sacrificing some important parts of their routine like regular exercising. Moreover, restrictions on gyms and movement outside homes have made following our fitness goals even more difficult.

For many people who have been working from home since pre-COVID-19, this has been the most challenging phase. With families at home all day, their work-personal life balance has gone for a toss. Some of them had to switch to a completely different routine and profession to earn money online owing to the disruptions that the pandemic has brought in their lives. Many other factors took precedence over one’s own mental and physical health.

While it is difficult to keep everything going during these tough times, it is necessary to keep yourself fit and healthy both mentally and physically in order to deal with challenges that life throws at you. We’ll tell you a few simple exercises that will help you build your stamina and strength all from the comfort of your home. Also, all you need is only 30 minutes of your time! So let’s get started!

1. Boat pose

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As the name suggests, your body is required to be in the shape of a boat for 30 seconds. Sit on the floor with your legs straight. Balance on your hips and lift your legs up and stretch your arms out parallel to the floor. Try to start with 5 sets daily and increase depending on how much your body can take. The posture is good for your core muscles and will help strengthen it in the long run.

2. Side plank

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Lie down on the floor on one side. Lift your body up with the support of your elbow. Hold this position for 5 seconds. This will be difficult in the beginning but don’t give up just as yet. Try holding it for 5 or fewer seconds initially and then increase your time once you become more comfortable with the position. Repeat on both sides and do 5 sets of each. This will help strengthen lower and side abdominal muscles.

3. Squats

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One of the best exercises to strengthen your glute and hamstring muscles. Squats work on your entire lower body. Stand straight with your legs wide apart. Bend your knees and make sure your hips go outward. Keep your spine straight and relaxed throughout the process. Bend as much as possible. Hold this position between 10-30 seconds depending on how much your body allows you. Start with at least 10 sets in the beginning.

4. Jogging

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This exercise comes with a twist. Most people prefer to do this in open spaces. If you’re stuck at home and can’t spare time to go to your local park, then you can jog in one place. Find a comfortable space in your home. Walk for 5 minutes to warm up your body before you start jogging. Make sure you stretch your thigh and hamstring muscles while jogging. Start with 10 minutes every day.

5. Lunges

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Stand straight and keep your feet apart, in alignment with your shoulders. Move your right leg forward and bend both your legs and knees making a 90-degree angle. Keep your spine straight and relaxed and make sure your right knee does not move beyond your ankle and your left knee does not touch the floor. Repeat the same process with your left leg. Hold for about 10 seconds for each leg and do 5 sets with both legs.

It is equally important to take care of your mental health in these trying times. While the above exercises will help you relieve stress along with taking care of your body, there are certain things that you can solely do for the good health of your mind.

One of the most popular practices for maintaining good mental health is meditation. There is no right or wrong method for meditation. Meditation, in simple terms, means focussing on yourself and your inner thoughts. A peaceful space for a minimum of 10 minutes is all you need to start meditation.

That being said, let us talk about how smartphones have changed our lifestyle for the better. Now everything, from earning money to meditation is available on mobile apps. The best part is most of them are free to download. If you have no clue on how to start, there are many health and lifestyle apps that you can download for free and also apps that are meant for meditation.

Lockdown or no lockdown, exercising is more than necessary to keep us mentally and physically fit. Make these exercises and meditation a part of your daily routine especially if you’re working from home. While these exercises may be tough initially, include them in your daily routine and stick to it. Remember, consistency is the key and the results will show over a period of time.

It’s time to get closer to that fitness goal. Stay safe, stay healthy. Good luck!

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